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Glass Blowing by Charles Bray

Glass Blowing by Charles Bray

Glass Blowing by Charles Bray

Glass blowing is the process of introducing air through a hollow steel tube into hot glass for the purpose of forming hollow ware. In general the term also includes all the subsequent reheating and shaping of the glass and the working of hot glass from a furnace.

The author provides a practical guide to the material; founding and batch melting; equipment and tools; the blowing process, including gathering, marvering forming and the use of punties; handles, air twists, threading, casing and mould blowing; antique glass and bullions, reduction, annealing and compatibility; seeds, stones and cords; colloids, colour, iridescence and enamels; sandblasting, sandcasting engraving and cutting; adventurines, opal glass, and various glass recipes.

There is a list of suppliers supported by its own web based listing.

Contents pages of this publication can be found here


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