2020 Conferences


Optical Fiber Communications and Exhibition (OFC), San Diego, California USA.

8 March - 12 March

The Optical Society, 2010 Massachusetts Ave, NW,
Washington, DC 20036 USA

Facade Tectonics 2020 World Congress, Building Carbon Neutrality Through the Building Skin,

25 March - 26 March

Los Angeles,
California, USA.
Caroline Szuch, 240 Pane Road, Newington, CT 06111, USA


12th European Conference on Industrial Furnaces and Boilers (INFUB-12), Rio Tinto, Portugal.

14 April - 17 April

Secretariat of INFUB, c/o Cristina Almeida, Rua Gago
Coutinho 185-187, 4435-034 Rio Tinto, Portugal

Deco ’20, The Society of Glass and Ceramic Decorating Products annual conference,

18 April - 12 April

Cleveland, OH, USA.
Myra Warne, Society of Glass and Ceramic Decorating
Products, PO Box 2489, Zanesville, OH 43702, USA


11th World Biomaterials Congress, Glasgow, Scotland.

19 May - 24 May

WBC2020 Conference Secretariat, c/o MCI UK Limited, Suite
4.1, Turnberry House, 175 West George Street, Glasgow
G2 2LB, Scotland.

LAMP2019 The 8th International Congress on Laser Advanced Materials Processing,

21 May - 24 May

LAMP2019 Secretariat, Japan Laser Processing Society
(JLPS), c/o JWRI, Osaka University, Japan


Furnace solutions & Training Day 2020

3 June - 4 June

Furnace Solutions 15 & Training Day


we are introducing a new website shortly (end of Jan) so please keep checking.

Thank you to everyone that makes Furnace Solutions and the Training day a success. All the delegates attending, the speakers and our sponsors



During FS7 we launched the SGT’s ‘Compendium of Glass Melting’. This is a unique, CD-based document that contains almost 100 papers, PowerPoint presentations and lecture materials. With over 60 authors, it represents more than 1,000 man-years of ‘hands-on’ experience and covers all aspects of glass melting science and practical, glassmaking technology. It is targeted at glassmakers, furnace designers and specialist industry suppliers. We believe that this ‘Compendium’ will be of interest to all in the glassmaking community – and is available to both members and non-members of the SGT. Buy now>>


with thanks to our sponsors we are introducing a new website shortly (end of Jan) so please keep checking.

XXXIV ATIV International Conference, Where Glass Science, Art and Technology Meet Together,

24 June - 26 June

Parma, Italy.
ATIV Secretariat, MV Congressi spa Via Marchesi 26 d 43126
Parma, Italy.



SGT Annual Conference Cambridge 2020 incorporating GLASSAC

7 September - 9 September

Changes and Challenges

Once again the Society of Glass Technology is to hold its Annual Conference this coming September in Cambridge at Murray Edwards College and we would like to invite you to enjoy a ‘Changes and Challenges’  with us in that delightful venue as we mull over the many-faceted world of glass studies.

Science Session – Monday 7th  September – Wednesday 9th September

As ever, the theme of glass science is well to the fore and we would warmly welcome the submission of abstracts for the conference.   We are looking for a meeting of Challenges & Changes  concerning the development of the science of the glassy state and its application to the world of glass manufacture and the application of glass in the very diverse world of today.  For such a fascinating field it is almost impossible to be prescriptive about topics.  We will consider carefully any aspect of glass science or technology which you wish to communicate.

Industry Session –  Tuesday 8th September

The Industry Session at the 2020 SGT Conference in Cambridge will focus on Energy and Decarbonisation and how it will be delivered to and used by glassmakers worldwide.

History and Heritage Session – Wednesday 9th September

As in previous years, we could not neglect the rich and varied history of glass and the heritage of historic glass artefacts which create such insight into the life and work of our forebears. Therefore we would be delighted to receive abstracts for the conference stream under the title ‘Yesterday and the Past’. We hope to create a meeting of minds concerning the heritage we enjoy – its appreciation, conservation, understanding and presentation to today’s audience.  As ever, the subject area is so interesting and diverse that it defies verbal delineation; if you are active in any field which intersects with the revealing the human history or the ancient technology which has woven glass into the fabric of human society through the ages, we’d love to see your abstract.


For four millennia, glass has occasioned the meeting of minds.

Obsidian and glassy fulgurites excited the imagination of our remote ancestors, who found artistic and practical applications for this most magical of substances. Alchemists gloried in the glass which allowed them to see the transformation of base substances within their alembics.

Without glass, advances in medical science would have been unattainable. The mystical fusion of colour and light stimulated the spirituality of those who knelt in mediaeval cathedrals, impacted by the glorious stained glass windows.

And today?
Changes & CHallenges still go on.

In Cambridge, this coming September, the Society of Glass Technology hosts it Annual Conference at Murray Edwards College. Beginning on Sunday 6th September, an opportunity for four days to experience a modern confernce, centred on the semi-infinite variety of glass studies.

Molecular scientists are welcome to share their insights at the atomistic level – artists will show how glass excites their creative juices. Businessmen and engineers will ponder how modern techniques can help glass bring enlightenment to our everyday world. Glass chemists will explore how glass can bring protection from toxic and radioactive waste. Historians will speak of past triumphs in glassy endeavours, and archaeologists interpret the tangible evidence of our vitreous heritage.

Changes & Challenges– we invite authors and presenters from any and all fields of glass creativity to send us their abstracts. If you are interested and would like to know more, please send us an email:
Changes & Challenges <[email protected]>

Put the dates in your diary –
these special days in Cambridge promise to be interesting, futuristic and challenging.

15th European Society of Glass Science and Technology Conference, Krakow

13 September - 16 September

Elzbieta Greiner Wrona, Department of Glass Technology
and Amorphous Coatings, AGH University of Science and
Technology, Kraków, Poland.

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