Journal of the Society of Glass Technology

The Journal of the Society of Glass Technology was published between 1917 and 1959. There were four or six issues per year depending on economic circumstances of the Society and the country. Each issue contains Proceedings, Transactions, Abstracts, News and Reviews, and Advertisements, all these sections were numbered separately. The bound volumes collected these pages into separate sections, dropping the adverts. There is a list of Council members and Officers of the Society and earlier volumes also had lists of personal and company members.

JSGT was divided into Part A Glass Technology and Part B Physics and Chemistry of Glasses in 1960.

The bound and loose volumes can be viewed at the Society’s office, the bound volumes are also held at the University of Sheffield library.

Links to contents pages for every volume and links to purchase individual papers:

Volume XIX 1935
Volume XXI 1937
Volume XXII 1938
Volume XXIII 1939
Volume XXIV 1940
Volume XXXVI 1952