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1 Best Male Enhancement und development talents. Appropriate utilitarian requirements, such as the promotion of public services and economic development offered to universities, and the assumption of certain social responsibilities, are not excessive. However, it is certainly problematic to regard education as an industry. Directly linking education to superficial 1 Best Male Enhancement and straightforward political or economic purposes has cost our higher education a great deal and wasted a lot of educational resources that were not rich enough. Philosopher Fritt, who made a significant contribution to the modernization of Germanys education, pointed out that education, first of all, 1 Best Male Enhancement is to train people instead of first focusing on practicality rather 1 Best Male Enhancement than first imparting knowledge and technology. Instead, they should awaken their power and develop their self-learning Initiative, inductiveness, 1 Best Male Enhancement and understanding so that they can make meaningful self-choices in unpredictable future situations. Education is a national affair, 1 Best Male Enhancement education is the entire nation Humboldt, the father of German education, said Science, first of all, has its own purpose and, as far as its practicability is c

oncerned, its significance is only second, of course, the pursuit of freedom , Can precisely lead to what may be the most important practical knowledge and serve the society. At 1 Best Male Enhancement Fichte and Humboldt, practicality and service reality are but one or a byproduct of higher education and scientific research, not Starting point, nor is it the goal, does not account for the first place. University education does not instill students established prior knowledge. Humboldt particularly emphasized the reflective issue of university education and scientific research, pointing out the need to order enduros male enhancement foster students endless exploration, creativity and constant reflection on truth and knowledge. He thinks Science is a whole, and each specialty and discipline 1 Best Male Enhancement reflects on the star sx male enhancement 1 Best Male Enhancement reality 1 Best Male Enhancement of life from different perspectives, reflection elite male enhancement on the world and reflection on peoples 1 Best Male Enhancement code of conduct. Science is linked with colleges and universities. Only by reflecting male enhancement gummies on the academic research, 1 Best Male Enhancement science and the whole world can apex male performance enhancement spray healthy vibes ingredients we cultivate the best talents.University students want to learn not the material itself, but the material understanding.Only in this way, they can form

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their own independent Judgment and personality, and then they can achieve the realm of freedom, skill 1 Best Male Enhancement and strength. Humboldt also pointed out The living conditions in colleges and universities are loneliness and freedom. And academic freedom, the state must protect the freedom of science, there is no authority in science at all. According to 1 Best Male Enhancement Professor Li Gongzhen, a German expert in modernization studies, the reason why higher education from Prussia to Germany became one of the models of modern higher education in the world lies in that they have gradually formed a tradition since the 18th and the mid-19th centuries First, universities Teachers and students must first get rid of their dependency on dependents and their interest in industrial and commercial 1 Best Male Enhancement interests. Universities should keep their distance from the actual political and economic interests of the society and make universities, professors and scholars have relative 1 Best Male Enhancement independence and make them state And a corrective force in the society that corrects those things that can not lead the society to health, even 1 Best Male Enhancement if 1 Best Male Enhancement it is the power that has formed itself into power or discours

e hegemony. Second, 1 Best Male Enhancement nite rider male enhancement the university is a community of researchers who constantly study something unknown and find schwinnng male enhancement review out The raging rhino male enhancement new laws, constantly approaching the what is the best instant male sex enhancement pill truth, 1 Best Male Enhancement actively and eternally participating when to take extenze male enhancement in academic discussions, as well as the independence and ingenuity of research, are the highest moral obligations 1 Best Male Enhancement 1 Best Male Enhancement and principles of university professors. Countries and universities must have a system of competition and elimination that guarantees 1 Best Male Enhancement and 1 Best Male Enhancement inspires Young scholars dedicated themselves to scientific research, to the formation of public opinion and power Challenge, 1 Best Male Enhancement brave the risk of academic conflict with others, to elim

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