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Apex Male Enhancement Spray Delang came again. He proposed to buy it with 50 francs and Flemi. sh had to give in. Delang put the mask on the painting room of his Turak Street. Picasso was the first to see black African art there. De Lang s studio is truly the birthplace of Picasso s black African art. It is not important that Apex Male Enhancement Spray Matisse or Picasso first came into contact with black African art. One of them was enlightened by Gossler, and the other was influenced by Collioure. Delang was influenced by both of them, and Gauguin benefited from all of them.Because Gauguin is also fascinated by the African and Oceania exhibits of the era he saw at the World Expo. At the Autumn Art Fair Apex Male Enhancement Spray in 1906, th. e exhibition dedicated to the Apex Male Enhancement Spray Tahiti statue made Matisse, Picasso and DeLang both shaken at the same time. Since then, they have begun to collect art treasures from other countries, other eras, other cultures, abandoning traditional art, and bringing the creator s subjective initiative to unprecedented heights. At the time, Kassidy Kandinsky 1866 1944 , who still retained Russian Germanic Apex Male Enhancement Spray nationality, was a Russian painter who later joined Apex Male Enhancement Spray German and joined French. The primitivism who Apex Male Enhancement Spray admits to be pur

e artists also only love the connotation of their works, and reject all relatively minor things Excerpted from Kandinsky s The Spirit of Art published in 1969 Matisse and Picasso gradually added black African art to their supplement critique male enhancement creations. The former embodies black African art in his paintings, while the latter turns the center of best male enhancement pills his creation to the creation of black African sculptures. The duel between Matisse and Apex Male Enhancement Spray Picasso began. Not only in the brushwork of painting, but also in large famous paintings. This is well known and Apex Male Enhancement Spray everyone Apex Male Enhancement Spray can see at a glance. Matisse first pulled out the sword and put on a Apex Male Enhancement Spray duel. At the 1906 Independent Art Exhibition, his only work, The Joy of Life, soon became Apex Male Enhancement Spray a hou. sehold name Figure 21. This piece is the most beautiful in Apex Male Enhancement Spray terms of specifications 175cm 241cm or its novelty. It is a subtle natural male enhancement fp combination mvp male enhancement of primitivism, civilized Apex Male Enhancement Spray beastism and fantasy poetry discovered by the painter in Collioure. The Joy of Life completely got rid of the influence of new impressionism. Obviously, this gives the critics an male enhancement without surgery opportunity to do whatever they can to make the most of it. The critics and other people s ridicule and satire closely cooperated, say

Apex Male Enhancement Spray

ing that this belongs to free creation beyond the ancestors , is empty paintings , is the music art, literature and art in th. e work, but there is no plastic art. They blame the juxtaposition of color, Apex Male Enhancement Spray sometimes saying that the outer contour is too thin, and sometimes it is too heavy, accusing it of anatomical deformation of the human body, giving up the point method, using the color method and so on. Even Sinick, who once bought a disgraceful Apex Male Enhancement Spray Apex Male Enhancement Spray work , Luxury, Calm and Hedon Fig. 22 , thinks that Matisse is going astray. Sinek and his friend Shura have suffered from the rejection of romanticist impressionists, and Pissarro has forced him to oppose Monet and Renoir. In 1906, Matisse became the Apex Male Enhancement Spray head of the Cubist vanguard Later, when it was necessary to protect Apex Male Enhancement Spray cubism, he was revealed to be a serious conservative figure. The previous year, in the independent art exhibition, Gauguin Apex Male Enhancement Spray s friend Charles Morris blamed his friends for following the Spots group on the issue of Luxury, Calm and Happiness. A few months later, Apex Male Enhancement Spray the exhibition began again, showing The Woman Wearing a Hat. Matisse is the most controversial figure in the reformists. Even his most loyal friends

began to shake. In the face of The Joy of Life, Leonstein walked over and walked over. He was hesitant, uneasy, and vxl male enhancement price does extenze work for ed overwhelmed. After repeated thoughts. , he finally concluded that it was a major event in the painting world and a increase free testosterone masterpiece of the beginning Apex Male Enhancement Spray of the new world. It was this painting that Apex Male Enhancement Spray made Matisse a master of modern painting. So he decided to buy the painting. The next year, Matisse will repeat itself. This time the painting was Blue Apex Male Enhancement Spray Nude Commemorating Biskra 1907 Fig. 23 , why is no phamerceutcal prescription drug penis enhancement male based on a travel Apex Male Enhancement Spray experience in Algeria in 1906. The critics once again blamed and slammed the strange peripheral contours of his works, the deformation of the human body, the face as a mask, the blue color of the skin, and so on, saying incomprehensible. Loui. s Walker confessed frankly that he couldn t understand what he called slow is nugenix safe and effective and simplistic painting art. It was Matisse and Delang who took the lead Apex Male Enhancement Spray in applying this overly simple approach to their creations. Others Apex Male Enhancement Spray described the painter Matisse as slippery and called his paintings the ugly world. This time, as usual, the brothers and sisters of Leonstein bought the painting aga

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