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Cobra Sex Pills the requirements of the general, Jiang Taigong also repeatedly talked about it many times, not to mention Cobra Sex Pills the severe punishment. Sun Wu and Wu Qi s heavy punishments are Cobra Sex Pills well known. When Sun Wuchu debuted, he used the practice method to smash the two kings of Wu Wang. Cobra Sex Pills Cobra Sex Pills Wei Wei s refutation of Xin Sheng is not to be blamed. Instead, he said with great appreciation General Xin understands these common senses and is enough to see you as a qualified general. I also admit that my military law is an important military idea to absorb the predecessors. The birth of the military books is based on the innovation of the predecessors, and puts forward their own unique things. The military that emerged from the sky must be empty and thinkless, and ignorant. Mengwu s personal cultivation is better than others. The generals were deeper and have Cobra Sex Pills been listening to each other. They compared the content of Wei Wei s talks with the experience that the father had transmitted and his own troops, and tried to find out the inadequacies of Wei Wei. Mengwu wanted to listen to what innovations Wei Wei had, so he also said with a hand The monks want to listen to the innovations of Mr. W

ei in his book, please enlighten me Wei Wei sees Meng Wu polite and were playlong male enhancement hears him. It is the son of Mengjun, the general Cobra Sex Pills of Weizheng North and South. He also said Respect is not as good as death. General Meng is after the gate, seeing a lot of knowledge, please advise Wei Wei believes that there are three ways to best brain vitamins win Cobra Sex Pills the battle, one is Daosheng means winning by political strategy secondly, vigrx male enhancement pills successful means winning with Cobra Sex Pills Cobra Sex Pills a strong sense third is strengthening , that is, winning by military attack. Tao and sense are both without fighting male enlargement pills free trial and the enemy surrenders. Strong victory is about Cobra Sex Pills erection male enhancement cream rite aid tactics and strategies. He Cobra Sex Pills sums up the twelve ways of using soldiers First, the sentence, the soldiers have to commit crimes, Tonglian Lianbao Second, the ground ban, prohibiting soldiers from moving freely in the prevention zone, in order to capture the enemy s spies in time Third, the whole car, the chariots on the chariot and the accompanying pawn cooperate with each other, coordinated The plug refers to the division of the defense zone. The troops adhere to the defense zone and do their duty to do their best. 5. Limitation and division of boundaries. The left and right camps are g

Cobra Sex Pills

uarded against each other and supervise each other. The front and rear camps echo each other and arrange the chariots in a circular shape to form a Cobra Sex Pills solid camp. Attack and retreat can be guarded six, another, that is, Peugeot is different, easy to command and identify when advancing and fighting seven or five chapters, with soldiers wearing five kinds of signs, keep the queue neat and chaotic, before and after Eight, the whole song, refers to the troops in the marching queues twisted and coherent, each maintaining the proper formation nine, the golden drum, motivating the soldiers to heroic forward, killing the enemy tomake meritorious Cobra Sex Pills deeds, the sound Cobra Sex Pills is retreating, drumming for advance ten, the car, Arranged as Cobra Sex Pills a battleship array with chariots, connected end to end, forming a formation, and Cobra Sex Pills blindfolded the eyes of the warhorse to prevent the horses from galloping Cobra Sex Pills XI, the slain, from the various armies, select the wise men and soldiers to form the death squad, in order to prepare for the extraordinary Anxious 12, force, select the heroes who are superior in strength, master the flag, and the flag as the command of the command. Wei Wei made another innovation

in the marching arrangement. He designed the three armed and size up xl male enhancement reviews four legged methods. The so called three eroxin male enhancement Cobra Sex Pills armies, namely the left, middle, red poseidon platinum male enhancement 10000 fake and right, and the three armies of the car, the ride, and the step. The penis size so called four arrays, that is, the inward array, the outward array, the standing formation, and the Cobra Sex Pills squat formation. First, the Cobra Sex Pills inward formation is mainly to defend the security of the Chinese army Second, the outward Cobra Sex Pills oriented formation is mainly to prevent the invasion of foreign enemies Third, the standing formation is mainly for the attack, the soldiers are mainly composed of two weapons, namely, and , handsome Located in the middle of this formation, it is Cobra Sex Pills convenient for unified command Fourth, squatting, mainly for defense, soldiers mainly use swords and axes two weapons five, best legal testosterone booster standing and Cobra Sex Pills squatting and formation, mainly for attacki

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