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Dex Pills anghuang military meritorious commander of the unified military war. He suddenly gave the general to the Dex Pills general, and the Qin State, which has a traditional military struggle, will inevitably cause The non c. Dex Pills onsultation the monarch first gave his post as a lower ranking national servant. It is neither a mistake nor a criticism. It can be described as a unique person. How can he slack off Dex Pills military affairs Once suddenly, Sima Dex Pills wrong began to explore the Qin State. Sima was born in the military, and the ancestors were the Tian tribes of Qi. The Dex Pills ancestor Tian Hao, this is the famous general of Qi Jinggong in the Spring and Autumn Period, the battlefield of the battle, the military merits, and the seal is Qi Guo Sima. Tian Hao wrote a military law in his later years, and the readers passed the title of the customary official, calling it Sima Yi s Art of War This was the first art of war in the Spring and Autumn Period, and it was decades before. the Sun Tzu s Art Dex Pills of War The descendants of this name were also named Sima. Later, the Sima family indulged in the turmoil of Qi State, and moved to the Luoyang Wangshuo to show their dissatisfaction with Tian s polit

ical demise and their loyalty to the emperor s royal family. Who knows that the world is changeable, Dex Pills Wang Hao quickly shrinks, and the small castle of the Sima family has become the target of competition between Han and Wei after the three divisions. In order to avoid the war, the Sima family migrated Dex Pills to the south bank of the Dex Pills Dex Pills Yellow River outside the Hakodate. Later, Wei Guo annexed the Hexi area of Qin State, and the Sima family best fast acting male enhancement peoples review was moved to the Guo Fu people by the official residence of the Wei State. When Qin Xiangong was i. n male enhancement over the counter pills the state, Qin Guo once counterattacked to the letter valley, and moved the town people of Wei State to the hinterland of Qin. The Sima family settled sex supplement Dex Pills on the south bank of Lishui. Born to Sima, the Sima family is already a third generation Qin. When Sima was 19 years old, he was called to join the Qin army and join the army of top 10 male enhancement drugs the Qin Dynasty. From the you want penis enlargement pills Cavaliers, he was the tenth captain, the Dex Pills centurion, and the captain. In the battle to recover Hexi in Shangyu, Sima was the only one who took the night to attack the rocky fortress on the east bank of the Yellow River. In one fell swoop, he unplugged Wei Guo s biggest base in Hedo

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ng. He also ran into Dex Pills the long distance rushing to the valley. Wei Guo s hands took back the most important fort. ress of Qin State and cut off the retreat of Wei Guohua Mountain Camp Shang Yang was greatly Dex Pills amazed at the talents of the young commander, and immediately promoted Sima wrong to the Hanggu Guardian. In the history of the Qin Dynasty, the guardian of the letter valley is the first priority Dex Pills of the Qin army, and the defender will always be the general public. Nowadays, this important task has been delivered to Sima, who Dex Pills is just in Dex Pills his early thirties, which shows that Shang Yang is very important to Sima. Not only that, before the execution of the sentence, Shang Yang also solemnly recommended Simao to Xinjun, and finally made this star rise. What Sima is trying to seek is a solid and feasible way of using troops. His idea of seeking troops wa. s deeply influenced by the ancestor s art of war. The most important feature was that he did not see the soldiers and soldiers but reported soldiers. There are four articles in the Sima Yi Art of War , which are The Situation , The Powers , Yin and Dex Pills Yang , and Technology. Among them, only one piece of Techno

logy is purely on the basis male enhancement photos of the hombron natural male enhancement Dex Pills soldiers, and the other three are all about the broad base outside the field. This is the squat of the Sima military family. Sima wrong has been immersed in the ancestor s art of war from his youth, and he Dex Pills has discreet male enhancement no choice but to think spartan male enhancement that the road to Dex Pills military use has always been different. This best men enhancement pills is the first time Dex Pills he Dex Pills has taken on the responsibility. For the first time, he has sought to use his military fr. om a national perspective. Naturally, he is particularly concerned about the overall situation outside the Dex Pills military. His first move was Dex Pills to eat through national strength. Dex Pills In addition to the classics of the National Pal

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