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Dragon Pills ry that science should exist anyway. But if science should exist and should exist for us and through us, under what conditions can science really exist Only when we resign from our spirit - the beginning of this historic moment. This beginning is the sudden opening of Greek philosophy. It Dragon Pills is at this very beginning that Westerners, starting from a nationality and by virtue Dragon Pills of their linguistic power, stood up for the first time to resist and question the entirety of the being, and understand the totality of the being as they are. All science is philosophy - whether science knows it or not, regardless Dragon Pills of whether science is willing or not. All science is attached to the beginning of this philosophy. As long as science still grows from this beginning, it draws its own essential strength. Here we want to re-win the two notable distinctions of the Dragon Pills original Greek nature of science for us here. There Dragon Pills is an ancient legend among the Greeks Prometheus is the first philosopher. Esculus used Prometheus to proclaim a maxim that expresses the essence of knowledge But knowledge is far less powerful than fa

te. This Dragon Pills means that all knowledge of things is preconceived by Dragon Pills the power of destiny, powerless in the face of destiny. It is for this reason that knowledge, even if it is incapacitated to truly be in the face of destiny, where can i get male enhancement pills long island must carry out its own supreme Dragon Pills resistance, and the full power of the occult of the dong quai male enhancement big dick being penisextenders Dragon Pills is precisely because this resistance emerges. In this way, the Existence opens its own right just in its unfathomable constant, and gives truth to the knowledge. This motto about knowledge Unkraft is a Greek saying. It is too easy Dragon Pills to find a model of knowledge in the Greeks a knowledge that relies purely on itself to forget itself one shows us that such knowledge is a theoretical attitude. But for the Greeks, what is theory People say Theory is pure contemplation, which is attached revive tcm male enhancement to the integrity and requirements of things. Some people based on enzyte natural male enhancement side effects the Greeks, think this kind of Dragon Pills Dragon Pills pensive attitude is meditating and pensive. It is a mistake to quote this code. For, on the one hand, theory is Dragon Pills not generated for the theory itself, but merely from a passion that wants to be approached and persec

Dragon Pills

uted as it is. On the other hand, the entire effort of the Greeks is precisely the understanding and implementation of meditations as an energeia, a practice of existence, a mans way, and as the supreme way. Their idea is not to keep practice in line with theory, but Dragon Pills on the contrary they understand theory as the supreme realization of real practice. For the Greeks, science is not a cultural asset, but the innermost decisive core of the nation-state as a whole. For them, science does not turn Dragon Pills unconscious into conscious mere means, but deepens this at the core of the whole and gathers this power in the whole. Science adheres to the core of the whole being of self-masking. As a result, this tough-minded act has realized that he can not do anything in the face of his destiny. This is the essence of science at Dragon Pills the beginning. However, this is not the beginning of 2500 years Is not the same Dragon Pills change in science that advances human activity Thats right Followed by Dragon Pills Dragon Pills Dragon Pills the Christian - theological interpretation of the world, just as later modern mathematics - technical thinking, make science in time and v

irtually far from its own beginning. However, the beginning was absolutely not do stamina pills work surpassed, nor even destroyed. For if the original Greek science was a great thing, the beginning of a great thing still retains its greatest element. Even if male enhancement vs transgender military the greatness of this beginning ceases Dragon Pills to exist, the essence of science can not be emptied and can not be exhausted - unlike today, the nature of science is long gone, despite all the achievements and all sorts of stinger rx male enhancement international organizations Was exhausted and exhausted. Dragon Pills This beginning still exists. best male enhancement no scam improve concentration supplements The beginning is not behind Dragon Pills us as a distant past, but before us. The beginning as a great thing has surpassed all future things in advance, and therefore surpassed ourselves in advance Dragon Pills the beginning has intruded into our future, where it stood, dominating us long ago, ordering us to regain its greatness. Dragon Pills Only if we firmly obey this far command and regain the greatness of this beginning can science be the most intrinsic necessity of our existence. Otherwise, science is still just a coincidence Dragon Pills that we are trapped in, or Dragon Pills is still merely a leisurely, risk-free purs

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