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Duro Male Enhancement pe. Fu Shao-chuen buried them in the depths of the hearth, and then pulled the bellows. The charcoal, which Duro Male Enhancement had been as ashes, had slowly come to life, and soon it became exuberant and even wild. The flames were bright and pure and almost invisible. The metal in the furnace looked at the red, and later on, it seemed to have blown itself, red and bright, very attractive. Fu Shaoquan - see it is cooked, it is firmly gripped with iron pliers, suddenly removed. This moment, his movements become very rapid, one hand with pliers clamped on the anvil Duro Male Enhancement flip, one hand with a hammer to beat hard, seeing can put - the Duro Male Enhancement root of thick metal stick into a thin A metal strip, Duro Male Enhancement or a piece of Duro Male Enhancement metal, knocked into a thin sheet of paper, gives one the impression that there is nothing in the world that can not be done. Fu Duro Male Enhancement Shaoquan things are very good, especially the kind of small bronze furnace he cast, small, really delicate. Furnace lid is not tight, round eyes above the round, very evenly distributed. Winter, girls use it to warm, it is not bad. Solder is also very moving

. Flat flat piece of iron in the oven after burning, was caught out of the tin block dipped - dipped, dipped - some tin, love potion male enhancement stick moved to the welding place, and sometimes will zxtekxl male enhancement blend roll down a string of tin water to spangle zylix male enhancement uk Rolling on the ground, it will become a bead Duro Male Enhancement when it is cold. Shiny on the ground roll - this best all natural male enhancement pills image is too vivid Fu Shaoquan repair what lock, Duro Male Enhancement it is amazing. A lock was delivered, the key Duro Male Enhancement was lost, and it was knocked down from the door or from the drawer. Fu Shaoquan put a very soft Duro Male Enhancement metal strip into the keyhole, try such a poke, lock opened. Send lock people suddenly smile. Duro Male Enhancement Then he used the big file on the back of the lock - the file, revealing the eyes of the buried marble. He used - to dig the awl - eyes sealed tin, knock out the marbles and thin springs. When he saw it, he went to file the key. So far I have to figure out what the corresponding relationship Duro Male Enhancement between the 518 number about male enhancement tooth on the key and the marbles Duro Male Enhancement are. I saw him put the marbles and springs back to the eyes of children, covered with a thin tin, with a small hammer knock a while, the

Duro Male Enhancement

mouth and sealed. He handed the lock and the key to the owner of the lock, and when the master inserted a key, he heard a crisp rattle and the lock opened. Craftsmanship really charming. Craftsmanship and craft, probably human nature. Little wonder children like gadgets, like to disassemble - something or make - what. Craftsmanship makes people see their own ability Duro Male Enhancement and wisdom, see the world is plastic this - essence. Xiao Cai, my pupil, regarded the poet as a craftsman, not as a derogatory poet, but rather as a poet in the right Duro Male Enhancement place. He can make poets aware of the nature of their profession and the beauty of their profession. Xiao Cai at least formally understand the form of poetry. At the thought of the coppersmith shop, I think Xiao Cais interpretation of this modernism is wonderful. Really, I really like the smell of rust and bronze in Duro Male Enhancement this coppersmith shop. In short, during this Duro Male Enhancement time Im obsessed with the craft. This school probably can not go on. Duro Male Enhancement Besides, I also do not like to Duro Male Enhancement study, I started the idea of learning craft - to learn copperworker

. Duro Male Enhancement I have to cast a small copper shovel, a male enhancement pills gas station small bronze spoon, and then hang them on the shelf, pick up the village string, so that those metals Duro Male Enhancement collide with each other, issued like a temple on the wind chimes issued are testosterone pills safe in the breeze Crisp Duro Male Enhancement sweet jingles. School unattractive, I sit in the coppersmith shop every day. I participated Duro Male Enhancement in the craft. Encountered the need to constantly struggling use penis extender to hammer the metal, Fu Shaochuan gave me a hammer, he - under me a moment to hammer. Naturally, I also learned to separate the hammer from the hammering object and let it fall on the anvil so that Duro Male Enhancement it naturally beats and makes a nice sound. Facing the barbers hump Zhuo Si said Fu Shaoquan received Duro Male Enhancement - an apprentice. Every day I soak in the coppersmith shop days, I found a very strange thing There is a man often to Fu Shao home to. This man is like returning to his own home, came, on the attic. He was in his fifties, his body was much taller than this place, and his shoulders were trinoxid male enhancement pills flat. His hair is muse male enhancement non-black and non-black, but dark gray, with Duro Male Enhancement some flowers mixed in between.

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