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Erection Medicine uwei thinks that the political children are his bones. Only the most clear is that the political children are the bones of the king. Does the king remember the new tricks On the night of the third day after the marriage, after you and I entered three glasses of wine, the king asked the court to play the piano. The courtiers Erection Medicine played the Erection Medicine song Erection Medicine that we met for the first time. The king is still dancing next to him. Later, the two of them danced again, Moon Out , dancing and dancing. The king was doing the same thing on the floor and the body, the political child was exactly what he did. Zhao Ji s words evoke the memories of the past. He clearly remembers that night, the two married, Yan Erqing, Erection Medicine and I, after drinking and eating, the two walked in the garden. He took Zhao Ji s slender waist and sat on the stone bench. On the face of a Erection Medicine bright and bright moon, it tells Zhao Ji s love and shares a bright future. Suddenly, he made a whim and pulled Zhao Ji back into the room, letting Zhao Ji sing and sing the that Zhao Ji played when they first met. He also impr

ovised to use a song, and laterdanced together. The song Monthly. At that time, he was completely intoxicated by Zhao Ji s graceful dance and graceful figure, and he could not help but push Zhao Ji down on the floor. For Zhuang Wang, it seems that it was just yesterday, and if what is the best hgh it was separated from the world, he looked at the tears of Zhao Ji s heart and it was soft. Maybe it s that Erection Medicine she s wrong with her, maybe max stamina male enhancement new penis enhancement everything she did was for herself. Silent dedication, swallowing pain and grievances, and giving a heart of gold to his incompetent husband. Zhuang Wang also suspected that Zhao Ji was acting, deliberately told him Erection Medicine to listen to him, and used tears and tears to deceive him. He could not forget the quick acting male performance enhancement conversation between Zhao Erection Medicine Ji Erection Medicine and Lu Buwei who stole outside the window that night. Erection Medicine Zhuang Wang was confused. He didn t know what he should do. Erection Medicine He still asked with suspicion does priamax male enhancement works But when I was awkward, one night, I heard your conversation with Lu Buwei. You told him that Zhenger is his. Bone blood. Zhao Ji Erection Medicine was shocked and his face Erection Medicine changed slightly. He expl

Erection Medicine

ained quickly Da Wang, that Erection Medicine is what Chen Chen deliberately said to swindle Lu Buwei, because Lu Buwei told Chen Chen that he would give up the donation to the king that night. In order to keep Lv Weiwei Erection Medicine continue to give the Erection Medicine king a life, the courtiers fabricated a lie that the political child is his flesh. Let Lu Buwei think that if he is not for the king, he must not leave the king. Zhao Ji secretly sneaked at Zhuang Wang and pretended to be a sly look. I can t think of those words that I heard by the king. I still believe it. Perhaps this is God s will, the life of the courtier is so bitter, destined to be misunderstood, Erection Medicine and no one will understand until death. Zhuang Wang sees Zhao Ji s tragic and miserable look is not like lying, slightly He said guiltyly Why don t you tell the king early You can t let the king misunderstand you so deeply, and leave you so cold for so many years. Zhao Erection Medicine Ji listened to Zhuang Wang s tone, and his heart was happy, still pretending to be very wronged. The look of the sorrow said Now the courtier tells the king all the t

ruth, but does the king really believe me Zhuang Wang looked at Zhao Ji, who was crying into tears, and he still couldn t confirm Zhao. Ji Whether it is true, but he has changed the original idea, not ready to dethrone the queen of ZHAO Ji decided after making a decision to establish the truth. Zhao Ji Erection Medicine saw that Zhuang Erection Medicine Wang was silent and further tested If Dawang thinks that he is guilty of sin and is not worthy of being a queen, he will leave the palace with his political children and return to the streets. Our mother and son are dependent on each other, although they are bitter, pills to increase ejaculate volume but at least Can pass a kind of ordinary people who are not discriminated against, Erection Medicine please ask the king to be accepted. Zhao Ji crawled on the ground and what male enhancement pills really work frequently bowed to Zhuang Wang. Zhuang Wang was in a chaotic mood. He looked at Zhao Ji extender gains in confusion. He waved and said You should go back to the Erection Medicine palace to rest, don t be too sad, don t think Erection Medicine about it, the widows have boost ultimate male enhancement review does androzene really work their own ideas. Zhuang Wang touched his Erection Medicine forehead and said The widow may be cold, and n

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