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Extend Pills Side Effects already farewell to the era of cultural breakdown, under the influence of the era Extend Pills Side Effects of everything in line with the West, especially the United States, the younger generation on campus and China The thinness of the links of cultural tradition has become a new issue that must be addressed squarely. As I said in an article, The land that has fled its own territory, its hometown and its foreign lands has become a life-choice for more and more young people. Cultural choice, this situation has caused many people, especially the younger generation, to nurture and nurture this Extend Pills Side Effects piece of land. The deep national culture implied in it persists its people in understanding, emotion and psychology. It is not only the crisis that may lead to the national spirit but also the crisis that Extend Pills Side Effects exists in man himself once he is Extend Pills Side Effects pulled out of his own soil, he loses his basic basis for self-existence and becomes a rootless man This may be truly worrisome. This is the most basic reason why we absolutely can Extend Pills Side Effects not accept foreign language as the experience of teaching terms in universities and even working terms that language is more about the roots of culture and now on the university camp

us, there have been some young People, who Extend Pills Side Effects are able to skillfully apply English dialogue and some also have a strong ability of redwood male enhancement writing English, are good in themselves. However, their understanding of their own culture and their mastery of Chinese have serious shortcomings. The problem. I remembered the verse of poet Ouyang Extend Pills Side Effects Jianghe Why do so many people emigrate to English Extend Pills Side Effects To work hard to be a white kind of whites and to think of Extend Pills Side Effects Chinese as a divorced Extend Pills Side Effects ex-wife and as a home in the mirror What happened I alone One person dwells in Chinese, talks to numerous paper Extend Pills Side Effects people, dreams of English, looks aloe vera gel for male enhancement at many Chinese among themselves, and transforms from a pictographic person to a Pinyin person. If our university education also weakened mother xanogen male enhancement store tongue education, bathmate warranty then we really faced the crisis of national culture. It must also be a university crisis it runs counter Extend Pills Side Effects to the basic function of transfer of culture and perseverance in the university. The second aspect of the function and function of a university is that it must make constant reflection, enxeit male enhancement questioning and criticizing of the established form of social development and of the existing culture and knowledge syst

Extend Pills Side Effects

em and even of human beings themselves and carry Extend Pills Side Effects out a new academic study of ideology and culture Not only to answer the various ideological and theoretical issues raised in real life but also to answer the more fundamental questions about the future development of China and humankind Extend Pills Side Effects and to think of the so-called pure theory that appears to be unrelated to reality but more original Including the theory of natural sciences in order to provide Extend Pills Side Effects the spiritual resources, new thinking, new imagination Extend Pills Side Effects Extend Pills Side Effects and creativity for the development and reform of the nation, state and human society and for the development and reform Extend Pills Side Effects of the ideology, culture and academia. This is a revolutionary aspect of the Extend Pills Side Effects universitys educational function. In the history of a hundred years of Chinese universities, Peking University during the May 4th Movement means revaluating values during the transition from traditional Chinese to modern society in China and conducting profound introspection, questioning and criticizing of Chinas traditional culture. At the same time, With a new vision and a broad mind, based on the most extensive absorption, it has inspired unprecedented vigor in thinkin

g and learning and created a brand new campus culture a new world outlook, new thinking, new ethics, new approaches, Extend Pills Side Effects New academics, thus providing new cultural ideals and shark tank male enhancement 2 ladies new something to make you last longer in bed value systems for the new changes Extend Pills Side Effects in the times and transforming the new campus culture into a social culture through modern media mainly new youth natural penile enhancement penis enlargement pill review and Extend Pills Side Effects new trends. It Extend Pills Side Effects is a how to make a lot of sperm far-reaching May Fourth New Culture Movement. Using the precept of Deweys argument is a Extend Pills Side Effects turning point for the Extend Pills Side Effects entire nation and the entire era. Later, Lu Extend Pills Side Effects Xun summarized the tradition of Peking University as a vanguard of new and improved sports, often fighting against the dark forces Extend Pills Side Effects even if he himself was and emphasized that Peking Universitys hope and future lie in it b

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