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Giant Male Enhancement y teachers provides the legal basis Giant Male Enhancement for the dismissal of teachers by the Giant Male Enhancement university authorities at least in the future but second, it also provides Giant Male Enhancement legal protection to at least all British university teachers employed before 20 November 1987, They are free from dismissal. Second, Beijing University reform program is illegal and unreasonable As a contrast to the current university reform in our country can be seen immediately, because our Giant Male Enhancement country does not have the Giant Male Enhancement appropriate national legislation, the current reform of our university in dealing with the United Kingdom is very similar problems because there is no law and no rules at all, The regulations that some universities make or prepare for themselves are inevitably filled with arbitrariness. For example, Peking University recently announced to Peking University teachers, Peking University teachers appointment Giant Male Enhancement and promotion system reform program draft, although the draft, but enough to Giant Male Enhancement many teachers in Peking University aroused great panic and strong Because many people find themselves suddenly overnight thinking of long-term employment until retirement as teachers no longer belonging to l

ong-term employment. According to Peking Universitys reform plan, Peking Universitys existing teachers are classified into four levels Giant Male Enhancement as teaching assistants, lecturers, associate professors and professors according to their respective duties. male enhancement However, only professors enjoy long-term Giant Male Enhancement positions up to the retirement age stipulated by the school, and teachers in other ranks do not enjoy long-term positions Peking University Reform Program Article 11, that duromax male enhancement pills is, including all professors, including all teachers can not be promoted to the professor will be dismissed. We must point out that the basis for the reform plan Giant Male Enhancement at Peking University is totally unclear. For example, is it based on national laws or international practice It seems to be taken for granted that Giant Male Enhancement the system of linking appointments to promotion of positions is biomanix male enhancement practiced in all Western university systems and is only retained for a long time after being promoted to professors, whereas the following associate professors king size pill for men are Giant Male Enhancement Giant Male Enhancement not employed on a permanent basis. However, this assumption is certainly not at all unscrupulous. As we best male enhancement over the counter pills mentioned earlier, the tenure system of the British university

Giant Male Enhancement

system is not the case. Under the British system, the failure of a lecturer or senior lecturer to promote does not affect his tenure of employment, that is, tenure Giant Male Enhancement of permanent employment is one thing, and promotion is another. It is not the case that lecturers can not be promoted to associate professors like the reform package of Peking University To be dismissed, associate professor can Giant Male Enhancement not be promoted to professor have to dismiss. Moreover, Giant Male Enhancement Peking Universitys failure to be promoted to be dismissed requirement does not apply only to future teachers, but equally applies to all teachers whom Peking University has appointed over the years Articles 23 and 24 of the Peking University Program. . We can not but say that these provisions are fundamentally unlawful because they have no legal basis. On the other hand, these provisions are extremely unreasonable when Giant Male Enhancement compared with the treatment of similar cases in the West. of. For example, in the Giant Male Enhancement case of the above British situation, we have reason to think that these ordinances should not apply to past and present teachers who have been employed by Peking University regardless of Peking Universitys

enactment of a future recruitment ordinance. Third, the development of University Reform Act duromite male enhancement necessity Judging from Peking Universitys reform plan, the actual reform of Chinas universities has over the counter natural male enhancement come to the time when the University Reform Law must be formulated by Giant Male Enhancement the NPC Standing Committee. Because Giant Male Enhancement many problems now involved in the reform of universities Giant Male Enhancement Giant Male Enhancement are not solved by the universities themselves, they should not be dealt with arbitrarily by the university authorities but must be extenze extended release reviews governed by national laws. For example, Peking Universitys reform plan does not seem to Giant Male Enhancement realize that long-term appointment and general promotion of employment are two completely different categories and can not be arbitrarily linked. It is Giant Male Enhancement as if the Giant Male Enhancement government agencies were forced to lose their jobs immediately if they did not have a deputy chief who could not be promoted to superintendent. fda tainted male enhancement In the case of universities, it is true that the question of the escalation of academic positions is at the Universitys tiger 5000 male enhancement own discretion, for example, when a person may be promoted as an associate professor or professor within a university, under what circumstanc

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