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Grockme Pills a list of subscribers. The postscript is You should try to save them. The money recovered will be at your disposal. If you can save 20 francs, go t. o the dentist s money. It was solved On August 25th, Apollinaire was promoted to Lieutenant. He was Grockme Pills very proud to Grockme Pills report the good news of his promotion to his future parents in law. A month later, he put on a new blue military helmet the military helmet shimmering in the sun, the enemy flashing red light from a distance , wearing a brand new sky blue military uniform, he is naturally I am proud of my head and my arrogance. The new military uniform not only better protects the safety of Apollinaire, but also the silky texture more satisfying the vanity of Grockme Pills his love of Grockme Pills dressing. Soon after, in No. vember, he volunteered to participate in the Grockme Pills infantry and was appointed as the deputy company commander of the 96th company on the front line. Since then, he Grockme Pills has lived a life of war, and he has truly experienced the suffering of French soldiers. The poet became a warrior. Until then, he still maintained a very effective co

mmunication with these or power vacuum pump male enhancement enlargement those women, and did not forget the friends of Paris. He sent some Grockme Pills articles to the French literary magazine French Courier or other newspapers and magazines, and he was concerned about whether it was Grockme Pills published and reflected. In the article, he Grockme Pills describes. the life of the front line the sound of the shells screaming like a kitten makes him happy the shells of the artillery units explode like the fireworks in the city he sleeps in the thatched roof with tent cloth He often saw the snake snake was lying at his feet, the mouse fled from the legs, Grockme Pills the nose of the fly was as big as the dog s Grockme Pills nose, the spider web was hanging overhead he only complained that he was upset and felt free. bored. The friends of Montmartre and Montparnasse are worried that when he is such a stinger rx male enhancement clean and comfortable writer Grockme Pills who can adapt to such difficult living conditions, he. does not feel hard. He felt that the sound of the cannon s launch was very exciting. In 1915 he Grockme Pills wrote a poem on the toothpaste box, How beautiful free trial extenze Grockme Pills fda approved male enlargement pills strap o male enhancement the war is However, it soon showed that it was j

Grockme Pills

ust the mood when he first arrived at the front line. In fact, real frontline life is completely another matter. The coordinator of Kostowski suddenly faced with signal bombs and machine guns. The ruthless shells fell from the sky in a downpour, and all poetic and artistic expressions were completely lost in the blink of an eye. The reality Grockme Pills of the treacherous Grockme Pills life was lively in front of them. The German so. ldier was in front of him, less than two meters away the land was bombed and bombed he was on the front line, facing the Grockme Pills muzzle lying in the soil and mud that had been stained with blood for a long time Sometimes they can t sleep, they are shaking all the time the Grockme Pills rain is treated as a bath for them they are always facing the attack of the bayonet and the attack of poisonous gas the wire mesh is tied with the mosquito bites he Grockme Pills Grockme Pills uses the sandbags and the mountainous bodies as cover to advance He learned to dig trenches at night like shadow cave people. In just a few months, his group lost thousands. of people. He watched as the comrades around him fell down o

ne after another. Apollinaire wrote a letter to best vitamin for sex Madeleine from the front line, in which he pleaded that even if male enhancement extenze he was captured, she hoped that she would have Grockme Pills Grockme Pills to wait for him to come back. He decided to let her replace Louise as progendra male enhancement the heir to all his Grockme Pills property. He naturally thought of death, but he was not afraid. He never regrets and never complains. The only thing he was dissatisfied with was that the military authorities had to hold military meetings regardless of the size of the matter. Grockme Pills When he needs to fight, he Grockme Pills is always the first to. rush out of the trenches, male eyebrow enhancement showing the courage of a very great Grockme Pills man. His men love him because do male enlargement pills really work he has the courage to protect them and do everything possible to guarantee their food supply. He can share the difficulties with his subordinates, share the blessings, have the same difficulty, roast together w

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