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Male Enhancement Compression the wealth of people, so they often go south and the invasion and robbing is natural. The Huns are good at killing, and my border daggers are only all the people. Cultivation, all Male Enhancement Compression work in the industry, once there is a police, you can go to kill theenemy, protect the country and defend the country. Meng Yu is thinking about the corresponding policy, blurted out and said. Hu people invade, aiming at property. When they find cattle and horses, they will suddenly gather and plunder. When they are in danger, they will fly and flee. Not like the gains and losses of the Central Plains people in one city and one place, they are ashamed to lose ground, so they can t prevent Male Enhancement Compression it. Even chasing is very difficult, especially Male Enhancement Compression if the Male Enhancement Compression Male Enhancement Compression sparrows are foraging, if there Male Enhancement Compression is food, they will gather together, and if they are in danger, they will fly around, and even the shadows will not be found. This is the place where Chen and Hu people have the most headaches. Ren Guang said, Shyly bowed his head. The first emperor comforted Ren Qing does not have to feel self blame, I know that you have tried your best. If

you continue, you can find an effective way to defend the enemy. Ren Guang said gratefully, The most Male Enhancement Compression headache ejaculoid male enhancement of the Male Enhancement Compression court is that Male Enhancement Compression the defense line is very wide. The Xiongnu cavalry is erratic. Sometimes tens of thousands of rides are invaded on a large scale. Sometimes thousands of rides, hundreds does extenze make you hard Male Enhancement Compression of rides, Male Enhancement Compression even dozens of rides, suddenly erratic pro solution plus , plundering away. The population of Jiuyuan is scarce, and the soldiers who andersen male enhancement can be recruited are even less pitiful. In the case of a Hu people s invasion, they quickly concentrated on the city s fortress and could not talk about the enemy. Occasionally, the troops of several counties were assembled, and the Hu people Male Enhancement Compression who expelled the male enhancement pills at convenience stores near me small stocks were a wonderful achievement. They were reported to the court, and the ruling and opposition parties thought it was worth celebrating. The Male Enhancement Compression First Emperor, Li Si and others listened, and their hearts were heavy. The team finally arrived in Jiuyuan, Jiuyuan County, the county governor, the history of the large and small local officials went out to the city to meet the first car, the gate from the gate to

Male Enhancement Compression

the county, the dagger I welcome the emperor to come. The First Emperor did not summon the local father and the condolences like the previous patrols, but Male Enhancement Compression kept himself in the car and went straight to the county. He did not want to make false promises to these daggers suffering from the invasion of the Huns. He wants to use actual actions to express the heart of the emperor s people. When he enters the Male Enhancement Compression county hall, the first emperor uses a light meal. After a short break, he stays in Lisz and Male Enhancement Compression other civil servants to discuss the issue of civil affairs in the city and the local officials. Then, with Meng Yu, Ren Guang, Yang Wenzi, the rate of six thousand tigers and squadrons went out of the city to patrol the border. Ren Guang worried about the safety of the emperor and advised At this time, it is the mid autumn horse fat, the millet is mature, the most prosperous season of livestock breeding, the Xiongnu invasion and plunder frequently. Where the water is blocked, Hu Male Enhancement Compression can pass directly. For the safety considerations Male Enhancement Compression of His Majesty, he should bring more people, just in case. The first emp

eror smiled and said Is Ren Male Enhancement Compression Qing not saying that the Xiongnu invasion, is it worthy of property They will not plunder the scorpion Meng Yu also zeus male enhancement 1600 mg reviews Male Enhancement Compression persuaded Your majesty can not be careless, the Huns are fierce, each breaks a place. In the city wall, Male Enhancement Compression the old and the sick and the young and the young must be killed. The young and ciarex male enhancement cream strong men and women are taken away, and they carry the stolen property for them. They arrive at the camp, just like cattle andsheep livestock, and become the property of the Huns. His Majesty is the Lord of the World, and he should be careful when he is in the world. The First good earth male enhancement confidence male enhancement product Emperor said with amazement what is in extenz Meng General, when did you become Male Enhancement Compression a Xiongnu Tong Jun just asked Jiuyuan County, the situation about the Xiongnu, only to know. I am afraid that there are Male Enhancement Compression more people who are disturbing the place, and they are suffering from Male Enhancement Compression hardships and insufficient supply. Since the two lovers are worried, they will take 6,000 more people Ren Guangjian, the First Emperor promised, and brought the loca

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