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Male Enhancement Enlargement Cream Teaching methods do not teach or not to learn, that is, there is no thorough understanding of this subject and research, nor teaching methods. And he believes that the ideal teacher should be both teaching and learning, research and teaching closely together. The implementation of the selected system has created the conditions for teachers to start classes according to their own research interests and achievements. Feng Youlan later recalled When I was a student at Peking University said Before Cai Yuanpei went to Peking University, all the homework tables were set to death. Since there is a dead schedule, you have to pull the teacher to say no Male Enhancement Enlargement Cream Prepared class, and even he did not want to Male Enhancement Enlargement Cream talk about the class later, more optional electives, homework table alive. Students have their homework schedule .Each elective is not very appropriate, because these classes are not the first There is a booking table, and then took the Male Enhancement Enlargement Cream teacher to talk about, but let the teacher Male Enhancement Enlargement Cream say their research topic, put the subject as a class for the teacher, the homework table is really alive. He taught Male Enhancement Enlargement Cream the class is His research topic, he can always fill the new achieveme

nts of his research into the content of the course, you can Male Enhancement Enlargement Cream always use his problems penis length increase found in the lectures Male Enhancement Enlargement Cream to develop his research.Learning is the opportunity to publish his research results, research results He directly enriched his teaching content, so that he speaks feel comfortable, not to pay for Male Enhancement Enlargement Cream the class, the students also feel lively and lively, do not take classes as a burden.Thus, Unifying research and teaching. Hu Shih went to Peking University for the first year to open the male performance rx male enhancement pills course of philosophy of Chinese is it possible to increase penis length history, best ingredients in male enhancement and combined his own research with a clear focus on innovation, material sophistication and sexperience pill obsolescence. After his lectures became a scholarly arouse widespread attention in academia, This is his famous book - outline of the history of Chinese philosophy Male Enhancement Enlargement Cream on. 2 combination of teaching and self-study Peking University before the reform, the focus of student learning in the teachers handout. The instructors did not work hard. The first handout was printed out and distributed to the students on Male Enhancement Enlargement Cream schedule. They read it again on the pulpit, and the students felt that they did Male Enhancement Enlargement Cream not have any fun or doze or looked at the miscellaneous

Male Enhancement Enlargement Cream

books. In get out of class, they took the handouts back , Piled on the shelf until the semester, school year or graduation exam, the teacher seriously, the students desperately read the handouts overnight, as long as the examination against the past, it will never double again. Cai Yuanpei, I am Peking University experience. Cai Yuanpei on Male Enhancement Enlargement Cream Peking University teaching reform is focused on reducing the emphasis on teaching teachers and students rely on the notes, to strengthen students self-study. Hu Shih even advocated a completely free Male Enhancement Enlargement Cream form Male Enhancement Enlargement Cream of teaching, without a fixed form of class, but by the students looking for mentors, open bibliography, free study, questioned the hard questions. Although the fixed forms of classes are not likely to be abandoned, Peking Male Enhancement Enlargement Cream University still created some more flexible teaching methods. Male Enhancement Enlargement Cream If specifically set up a practice class, the class survey and translation Male Enhancement Enlargement Cream of two. The student selects a research topic or an external document, conducts research or translation under the guidance of a teacher, and then reports or responds to the class. Finally, the teacher comprehensively scores the result. Lesson taught Chinese c

lass has always Male Enhancement Enlargement Cream emphasized that the classics Male Enhancement Enlargement Cream to read, such as Shen peinis pump Yinmos Chinese class is to guide students to read Lu Spring and Autumn , Huainanzi Stratton and other books. With regard to the reform of teaching direction at this point, we can further think from the relationship between university and academy. At ten hard days male enhancement fda that time, though Cai Yuanpei invited Confucius Master Ma Yifu to lecture at Peking University, he Male Enhancement Enlargement Cream was politely rebuffed by erection booster pills Ma sexual enhancement pills for male Yifu although Zhang Taiyans disciples were best natural male enhancement quite influential at Peking University, Cai Yuanpei repeatedly invited Zhang Taiyan to Peking University but was repeatedly rejected although Liang Shuming was invited to Peking University Male Enhancement Enlargement Cream by Cai Yuanpei But eventually could not stay Liang Shumin although Qian Mu taught at Male Enhancement Enlargement Cream Peking University for many years, is one of the most popular university teachers, but he later run in Hong Kong but insisted in accordance with the ancient academy instead of the modern university model to set up new Asia College. Why is this Liang Shumings Opinions on Running a School written on leaving Male Enhancement Enlargement Cream Peking University may be representative. In his article, he explained My motivation for running

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