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Male Sexual Enhancer er Eight, the whole song, refers to the troops in the marching queues twisted and coherent, each maintaining the proper formation nine, Male Sexual Enhancer the golden drum, motivating the Male Sexual Enhancer soldiers to heroic forward, killing the enemy tomake meritorious Male Sexual Enhancer deeds, the sound is retreating, drumming for advance ten, the car, Arranged as a battleship array with chariots, connected end to end, forming a formation, and blindfolded Male Sexual Enhancer the eyes of the warhorse to prevent the horses from galloping XI, Male Sexual Enhancer the slain, from the various armies, select the wise men and soldiers to form the death squad, in order to prepare for the extraordinary Anxious 12, force, select the heroes who are superior in strength, master the flag, and the flag as the command of the command. Wei Wei made another innovation in the marching arrangement. He designed the three armed and four legged methods. The so called three armies, namely the left, middle, and right, and the three armies Male Sexual Enhancer of Male Sexual Enhancer the car, the ride, and the step. The so called four arrays, that is, the inward array, the outward array, the standing formation, and

the squat formation. First, the inward formation is mainly to defend the security of the Chinese army Second, the outward oriented formation is mainly to prevent swag male enhancement pills the invasion of foreign enemies Third, Male Sexual Enhancer the standing formation is mainly for pill to make you last longer the attack, the soldiers are mainly composed of two weapons, namely, and , handsome Located in the middle of this formation, it is convenient for unified command Male Sexual Enhancer Fourth, Male Sexual Enhancer squatting, mainly for defense, soldiers mainly use Male Sexual Enhancer swords and Male Sexual Enhancer axes two Male Sexual Enhancer weapons five, standing and squatting and formation, mainly for attacking and defending each other Use alternately. In addition to discussing the marching and garrisoning of the troops, will the va pay for male enhancement Wei Wei also specifically discussed the preparation, identification and restraint of the soldiers. The establishment of the army is the Shiwu what does testosterone boosters do system, five people and one corps, ten people and one, fifty people and one genus, one hundred people for one scorpion, one thousand for pictures of male enhancement one squat, ten thousand for one division, and one hundred thousand for one army. On the logo of the army the logo of the three

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armed forces is the left army with the blue flag, the left Male Sexual Enhancer Qinglong flag, the first will wear cyan feathers the right army with the white flag, that is, the right white tiger flag, the first will wear white feathers the middle army with yellow flag, the first will wear yellow feathers. Soldiers are marked in five colors the first row of soldiers wear cyan marks on their Male Sexual Enhancer heads, the Male Sexual Enhancer cyan is wood the wood fires, so the second line of soldiers wear red marks on the neck collar, red is fire fire is earthy, so the first Three soldiers wear yellow marks on their chests, yellow Male Sexual Enhancer is soil native gold, the fourth line of soldiers wear white marks on the abdomen, white is gold Male Sexual Enhancer Jin Shengshui, the fifth line of soldiers wear black marks on the waist, black is water. The soldiers use the four tools of gold, drums, bells and flags. Drumming in front of the drum, once again drumming for the courage to rush, a moment to beat the drum is to order the soldiers to rush to kill, slow marching when you take a step to beat the drum, when you march quickly, take ten steps to hit

a drum, Male Sexual Enhancer when you march slowly, do not hit the drum. There are three kinds of drum sounds. In the West, it is the golden sound of the merchants. It is the drum of the 10,000 people. The oriental sound is the drum sound of the thousand people. The drum sound is small. The drums Male Sexual Enhancer of the three drums sound at the same time, which means that the handsome, handsome and long term players will fight together. Mingjin stopped moving forward, Male Sexual Enhancer and penis enhancing once again, the gold was quickly retreated. samurai x 3580mg male enhancement red poseidon platinum male enhancement 10000 The bell is used to convey the command of the army command, and the flag Male Sexual Enhancer is the direction in which the command is directed. Wei Wei also explained the configuration of various weapons in the Male Sexual Enhancer army and the storage and transportation of grain and grass, which have Male Sexual Enhancer never been heard by super hard male enhancement pill everyone. Wang Hao and Meng Wu s generals were sincere and convinced that they were only worthy of maximum powerful male enhancement reviews being Male Sexual Enhancer a general of Wei Wei s men. Wei Wei not only had the talents of the generals, but also the ingenuity of commanding the entire national army. Gong Sunxi looked at Wei Wei, and she was so excited that

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