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Penile Enhancement Pills lso lost several important universities. That is to say, the creation of the University of Berlin is a result of the Penile Enhancement Pills German effort to compensate for material Penile Enhancement Pills losses with spiritual power from the very beginning, Berlin Universitys mission was to serve the interests of the nation. However, Penile Enhancement Pills it seems to Humboldt et al. That serving for the national interest does not mean giving up university autonomy and academic freedom. They tried to show the rulers that it is precisely this kind of university autonomy and academic freedom that is more in line with Prussias fundamental interest as a cultural Penile Enhancement Pills nation. Speaking here of academic, German is Wissenschaft. The word roughly corresponds to the Penile Enhancement Pills English science, but there Penile Enhancement Pills are important differences. English science usually refers to the natural sciences, or natural sciences as a paradigm mathematical - experience science. However, the German-speaking Wissenschaft encompasses a wider range Penile Enhancement Pills of subjects, including not only the natural sciences and social sciences, but also the humanities or humaniti

es that we usually refer to - Penile Enhancement Pills philosophy, history, literature and art. As a social institution in this sense, where science rests, the University or Universitaet must vxl male enhancement website really be a big learning not only the school is large but bl4ck 4k male enhancement reviews the discipline is universal. Only a university with such a penic pumps science as the core can cultivate Humboldts full personality vollstaendige menschen in order to become a model and center of the Penile Enhancement Pills spiritual Penile Enhancement Pills and cultural life of the entire nation. From this point of Penile Enhancement Pills view, the so-called Textile University, Jiaotong University and even science and technology university all contain inherent logic contradictions. Even those who do not noxitril for male enhancement have a philosophy department, it is difficult to call themselves worthy of the name. This is not simply because philosophy is a natural Penile Enhancement Pills part of the broader science, but above all because of Penile Enhancement Pills the large number of these sciences that need to be commanded by philosophy. If we say that the above two points academic freedom and scientific unification human growth hormone supplements are the negative aspects and the positive aspects of

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the concept of a university, then the third aspect, that is, Penile Enhancement Pills both teaching Penile Enhancement Pills and research, is a concrete implementation of these two aspects Or measure. University as Penile Enhancement Pills an educational institution, teaching is the proper meaning of the question, therefore, emphasizing the emphasis on teaching and research, the emphasis is on research. This includes two aspects. The first is that universities have become the bases of scientific research. Together with the Royal Society of England and the French Academy of France, the University of Berlin in Germany pioneered three basic forms Penile Enhancement Pills of modernizing science the Academy of Science, the Penile Enhancement Pills Academy of Sciences and the Research University. More important from the perspective of education history rather than history of science, the second aspect is the combination of knowledge innovation and knowledge transfer inherently, and new talents are cultivated in the process of creating new knowledge. Such new talents From the beginning not only know how to master the existing knowledge, but also know how to exp

lore unknown areas. Second, in the 20th century, the concept best nootropic pill of the university caused a Penile Enhancement Pills renewed focus on the German intelligentsia for several times. In 1923 after the First World War, Jaspers published the article The Idea of a University. maleenhancement After World War II, Jaspers was instructed to rebuild the German system of higher education in 1946 with the same title. In 1961, this book Penile Enhancement Pills is out of the new version. Penile Enhancement Pills Penile Enhancement Pills Talking about tiger male enhancement the idea of a university, what people first think of is often 31 male enhancement Jasperss argument. Jasperss idea of a Penile Enhancement Pills university, in its specific content, is still the aspects mentioned above. Jaspers emphasizes university autonomy and academic freedom, Penile Enhancement Pills arguing Penile Enhancement Pills that freedom is the primary principle of university life. From a students point of view, they must be self-responsible and learn in a critical spirit, so they must have the freedom to learn. From the teachers point of strongest male enhancement view, their responsibility is to spread scientific truths, so they must have the freedom to teach and to study. As for the relationship between university education

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