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Penis Extender him, who gave him cr. eam and cigarettes. He is so cold that he is dying and hungry. He said I have endured the pain of heartbreaking all day. He often turned over the trash can in the Banas area, hoping to find some worn clothes or shoes for fish or eggs. Sending Penis Extender food to Sudin is the best gift for him. At the dinner table, he Penis Extender was not eating. He gorged himself and chewed bones and leeks. The entire face, from the forehead to the chin, is eaten everywhere, filled with food everywhere, wiped with your hands, and then sucked your fingers with Penis Extender your tongue, completely ignoring the minimum rules of Penis Extender life. He loves beautiful. houses and he is absolutely unwilling to dirty it. One day, he was invited to a private residence of a wealthy family. After apologizing, he left the Penis Extender table and went down to the garden to find a tree. Untie the pants and solve the small hand against the trunk. Someone asked him, Why He replied in a frightening tone Your home is so beautiful, I don t want to dirty it Another time, one of his artists invited him to a luxury hotel in Marseille. Accommodation. Sudin disappeared and hid in a brothel near the port for a Penis Extender seafarer. He likes boxin

g. When a strong and strong athlete s nose was swollen an. d fell to the ground, causing people to shout and curse, Su bathmate x40 results Ding often laughed out Penis Extender Penis Extender of time. His paintings are overly sculpt, the image is wild and violent, and the deformity Penis Extender is foods to help male enhancement excessive. The works are Penis Extender as vulgar and barbaric as Penis Extender his own. He paints without a gas station male enhancement new canvas, but always uses Clignancourt from Crinangcourt, located in the northern suburbs of Paris. The flea market buys a paste Penis Extender made from breadcrumbs to cover the paintings on the old canvas and then use them. When the result of the painting was not good which male angel pill is almost common , he used a knife to shred the newly painted work. When he showed. the work to others, and the people herbal alternatives to viagra did not appreciate it, he also tore it off. The painters of Montparnasse have a legend in the middle No one can criticize Sudin s work, otherwise he will tear them apart on the spot. In the absence of raw materials, he re entered the torn canvas and re sewn it with needlework. Undoubtedly, both the face and the body are deformed. It is a good irony that the unwitting person Penis Extender discovered his genius painter from his works He never went to the exhibition of modern painti

Penis Extender

ngs, but spent all day in front of the Flemish painting masters he worshipped in the Louvre and t. he works of Courbet, Chardin and Rembrandt. He stayed for the longest time before Rembrandt s work because he thought the painter was the greatest of all painters. He learns to add brightness to his work in order to seek the light and spiritual openness he lacks in his daily life. He Penis Extender often kept his head down, his eyes Penis Extender always looking down, his hands in his pockets, his constant search for the cigarette butts scattered around him, his eyes looking around Penis Extender for the bones he could lick, the leftovers he could drink, and his creation. The details of the painting or Penis Extender the jokes that can lead him to laugh If Penis Extender Penis Extender the door of the Luo Tongde Penis Extender pub opens, the Modi Liani is standing at the door, and he will suddenly burst into anger and his face will bloom with a flower like smile. He is absent minded about learning French, and his eyes are always on the Italian table at the pub of the Italian Amdo Modigliani. Amdo and Sam s character temper is exactly the opposite he always smiles and says hello to this one. He wore a tight fitting coat, a velvety vest, a cotton shirt tied i

nside, and a Penis Extender long scarf on his shoulder fluttered behind Penis Extender him. He looks handsome and handsome, and has a temperament and hobby. Amdo Mod. x1 dietary supplements male enhancement tablet igliani sat down in front gnc stamina pills of a stranger, gently pushing the cup Penis Extender and saucer in front of him with a long finger, taking out the Penis Extender drawing on the counter male enhancement board and pencil from the pocket, and not Penis Extender Penis Extender looking for the other person s opinion, biomanix he made a portrait for him. In just three best male enhancement amazon minutes, he drew a portrait, signed Penis Extender his name, tore off the piece of paper from the drawing board, and handed it to the owner seriously. Give it to you, Penis Extender please drink a cup of absinthe in exchange. He used this method to solve the problem of eating and drinking every day. And Su Ding is not so ea

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