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Penis Extending men, fighting heroes or cowards who evade military service. Their weird costumes, grotesque manners, strange characters. alcoholism, They are shackles, gangs, drugs, and even stealing they are sloppy and unrestrained, and they sell their talents in peacetime just to fill their stomachs, and they can sacrifice their lives for the ideals during the war. The book uses Penis Extending biographical writing techniques to Penis Extending depict the celebrity anecdotes of Paris, a lively, colorful star map depicting the artists and writer poets and their models, their Mistress, and the artist, publisher, news owner, hotel owner, hotel owner, bookstore owner, gallery owner, police and other ordinary small people, together construct a bitter, romantic, rou. gh Penis Extending experience. Just before the genius of the genius madman was accepted by the world, they carried out their common ideals and beliefs with their own actions, Penis Extending that is, freedom freedom of thought, freedom of speech and freedom of action. They hated the system and norms of the bourgeois upper class society that had formed the system at that time, hypocritical moral values and hierarchical Penis Extending values. Therefore, they have comprehensive

and thorough counterattacks Penis Extending with best actual male enhancement drugs their own unusual and unconventional ideological behaviors and artistic means. They are the grave diggers of the traditional ideology Penis Extending and. culture at the end of Penis Extending the 19th century, and the screamers and pioneers of Penis Extending the ideological culture in the new era in the early 20th century. most effective male enhancement supplements Although they have the same weaknesses, shortcomings and faults as ordinary people, the contribution they make to our day is great, unparalleled, and cannot be smashed by anyone. This is the book. The essence of the author is also the author s weekend warrior male enhancement writing purpose. In the world around us, the rational mediocrity is really too much. Compared the truth about male enhancement with the genius madman , they are just a group of mediocre Penis Extending ants under the big tree. Whether it is a Cubist led Cubist, a Fau. vist headed by Matisse, or a Dadaist literary society headed by Tristan Chara, with Andre The surrealist literary and artistic system headed by Breton, Paris, the center of world culture and art, Penis Extending their original place of realization of ideals and dreams, soil, sunshine, enlargel air and water a crazy era, a group of crazy Genius, Penis Extending a paradise for crazy genius. The slutty of Paris, the beautif

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ul Paris, the eternal Paris, let us go back to the world, because everything in the book has disappeared, that era has passed, that generation of genius has been made, although Paris is still, history is Chen trace. Scie. nce, philosophy, literature, art, the era of renewal and change has passed. When another new century comes, the rest of our generation can only taste the Penis Extending fruits of predecessors and live in the magnificent art built by the older generation. The palace, we have no development, we can no longer develop, the flowers of creation Penis Extending think withered, we feel sad, because that crazy time and space is no longer, crazy genius no Penis Extending longer, close the book page, we Can Penis Extending only sigh. The author of this book, Darn Frank, is a contemporary French writer who has published The First Penis Extending Day of Greece , Penis Extending Parting , The Mad Men s. Graveyard , Naked , Baro on the Frontline , and with the friend Jean Waterland Co authored series of books, The Adventures of Boluo Photography Report and other fifteen or six books. His novel The Breakup was translated into a variety of languages, published in 28 countries, and won the Lenox Literature Award Leprix Renaudot in 199

1. Renaudot is a 17th century French doctor and journalist who runs for Penis Extending the benefit of the poor throughout his life. In 1631 he Penis Extending founded France s first increase ejaculation pills weekly newspaper, Penis Extending LaGazette. In 1635 he was the leader of the French Penis Extending literary magazine The French Courier. In 1925, a. French literary commentary group founded male enhancement tea the Lenore Prize for Literature. From 1926, it was awarded every autumn. penis pump growth The book The Feast apexx male enhancement pill ingredients of Paris was written by the author after years of concentrating on magic knight male enhancement reading a large amount of archives and collecting rich materials. As he said in the preface It took me several Penis Extending years to write two books Penis Extending at the same time. If Penis Extending I write a book th

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