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Pines Pumps rocess and result of university teachers efforts to seek Pines Pumps self-protection from the early 20th century. Its initial origins Mainly out of economic and social security, and in the Pines Pumps Pines Pumps academic freedom protection, especially in the humanities and social sciences, this academic freedom security requirements most urgent. In my opinion, if we are to establish a tenure system in Chinese universities today, we should also take the principle of safeguarding academic freedom as the main principle and use this principle to design and select life-long appointment systems that are more conducive to safeguarding the academic freedom of university teachers. Starting from this principle, the proportion of university teachers enjoying life-long appointments should be relatively high, Pines Pumps not low. It is therefore necessary to clarify a Pines Pumps rather common misconception that in order Pines Pumps to uphold the high academic standards, life-long appointment should be designed very hard for only a few people to enjoy. This is a completely wrong taken for granted. Because life-long appointment is not scheduled to be assigned to the highest level of academic titles. The university can set the acad

emic standards of the highest academic title very high, few people can be Pines Pumps rated, but at the same time put the tenure of tenure to a lower job title. This is precisely the characteristics and advantages of the British university system. We know that the academic standards in the United Kingdom Pines Pumps are quite high. In particular, the professors in the United Kingdom are different from the professors in the United States. Because the system of a British university usually consists of only one professor, the standards of English professors are much higher than that of the United States. But because of this, The system set the standard of tenure as a professor at jackrabbit male enhancement alternative zytenz male enhancement medical review this level, and most university teachers can not get tenured. Let us consider the official statistics of peinus pumps the British School top 10 sex pills for the 1994-95 Pines Pumps academic Pines Pumps year as an example. Pines Pumps Pines Pumps Take a look at the proportions of various positions in British universities professors make up 7, two types of senior lecturers Readers and senior Lectures make up 18, and lecturers make up 42 , Other researchers accounted do male enhancement exercises really work for 26. Obviously, at least the permanent tenure of the British system for this system should be assigned to a

Pines Pumps

Pines Pumps senior lecturer. In fact, since the British Federation of University Teachers, which has been devoting its full-time appointment system to all teachers with a low professional title since the 1920s, British universities basically have employed full-time since Pines Pumps the 1950s when they started hiring as lecturers. Therefore, the characteristics of the British university tenure system is life-long hire has nothing to do with promotion, because basically university teachers Pines Pumps are tenured. Such a system started to change after the Education Reform Act of 1988, whereby British universities began to adopt more and more three-year or five-year contractual appointments, the Pines Pumps so-called temporary college teachers Pines Pumps in Britain Casualization of Academic Staff. However, this three-year or five-year contract workers are divided into two types, one is not the life-long system, and the other is the life-long system can be transferred. Still based on official figures for the academic year 1994-95, the percentage of 112,000 Pines Pumps university teachers in the country is 60 of tenure, 39 in contract and 1 in odd jobs. VIII. Tenure of appointment system at Peking Universitys reform plan

We can now notice that the reform plan at Peking University just adopted the extenz results British system on the appointment fierce natural male enhancement system. This kind of temporary workers transformation of university teachers started in the 1990s. As indicated in Article 18 of the Program, Pines Pumps Peking University will Pines Pumps adopt a three-year contract system for future hiring of teachers. The lecturer will hire up to two contracts for six years, during which time an associate professor will be dismissed. The associate professor male enhancement pills to enlarge the penis of science and engineering then hires up Pines Pumps to three contracts In nine years, Associate Professor of Arts employed up to vivotek male enhancement four Pines Pumps contracts, that is, twelve years, during progentra male enhancement pills reviews which no professors will be Pines Pumps dismissed. Since Peking University adopted a three-year contract system Pines Pumps at the beginning of the post-reform system of the

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