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Potent Male Enhancement nsus. Specific implementation of Peking University, it is a bit subtle. Due to the Potent Male Enhancement concentration of a large number of famous professors, this greatly enhances Peking University liberal arts and science status. But even so, through this reform, Peking University is also scarred. In 1948, Peking University, is a comprehensive range of comprehensive university, a total of literature, science, law, engineering, agriculture, medicine and Potent Male Enhancement other six colleges. Since then Potent Male Enhancement deteriorating, shrinking. In June 1949, the Agricultural College was independent. In September 1950, the medical school was cut off. In 1952, the faculty adjustment was cut off from the Faculty of Engineering and Law School, leaving only the original liberal arts college Potent Male Enhancement plus an economics department. This situation seriously hampered the development of Peking University in the coming decades. After the suspension of recruiting new students for four years, Peking University began pilot enrollment in Beijing on June 4 this year. On June Potent Male Enhancement 27, the CPC Potent Male Enhancement Central Potent Male Enhancement Committee forwardwarded the Peking University and Tsinghua University Request for Instructi

ons on Enrollment how to shoot out more seamen Pilot Project, which stipulated the abolition of the examination system, the Measures for the Implementation of the Combination of the Masses, Leadership Approval and School Review, recruiting the Potent Male Enhancement workers, peasants and soldiers And to determine that the task of the workers, peasants and v shot male enhancement review soldiers is to go Potent Male Enhancement to universities and universities and reform universities with Mao Tse-tungs thought, or control, management and reform. This decision was promptly promoted and implemented until 1977 was only Potent Male Enhancement replaced by the college entrance examination system. As the workers, peasants and soldiers recruited by the Revolutionary Committee around the recommendation, its academic qualifications and quality varies. This year Peking University enrolled a total of 2665 Potent Male Enhancement people, their educational Potent Male Enhancement level 171 high supplements male enhancement school, junior high school 2142 people, 79 primary school excluding short Potent Male Enhancement courses. In August, Peking University completed the Outline of the Five-year natural male enhancements Plan of Peking University alpha strike male enhancement side effects 1971-1975 Discussion Paper, proposing that within five years, Peking University should be built into one of the most advanced

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and revolutionary civil societies in the world Comprehensive university . Potent Male Enhancement Specific measures include establishing a triple combination of teachers, teachers will work, farming, workers can teach, engage in scientific research. The curriculum is liberal arts should be based on Chairman Mao as a basic textbook foreign Potent Male Enhancement language teaching material should be Potent Male Enhancement political one-third of the political literature, to adapt to the needs of the international class struggle science textbooks should continue to summarize the invention and creation of our workers, peasants and soldiers, criticize the world Advanced science and technology. In addition, the construction of teaching, research and production base for the three, increasing funding for schools, five years later, the realization of the Potent Male Enhancement schools basic food self-sufficiency. In 1983, international standards and degree system On August 4 this year, Peking University held a ceremony, the first time for their own Potent Male Enhancement graduate students awarded a doctorate. Earlier, with the approval of the State Council, there are 45 professional 70 instructors at Peking University who are

entitled Potent Male Enhancement to award doctorates and Potent Male Enhancement 93 are entitled to grant masters degrees. The establishment and improvement of the degree system symbolizes the growing academic strength real skill male sex enhancement sex pills of Peking Potent Male Enhancement University and other well-known Chinese universities and the ambition to Potent Male Enhancement participate in international competition. In the same month, the school super5 male enhancement discussed and passed the Report on Peking Universitys Wuding Plan with special emphasis on gradually expanding the proportion of postgraduates in graduate students and training a large number of masters and doctors equivalent to international standards appropriately adjusting professional settings and To become a Potent Male Enhancement comprehensive grow pennis size university with a wide range of disciplines such as humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and technical sciences that Potent Male Enhancement emphasizes education and research in basic sciences and emphasizes applied science education and research. How to combine theory and application is still the purple rhino pill male enhancement weak point of Peking University. As for the expansion of the proportion of postgraduates, it has Potent Male Enhancement traction male enhancement been gradually implemented. Peking University passed a total of 80 years from the e

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