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Pro Solution em of the West - Pro Solution are out of reach and deserve earnest listening, understanding and respect. Qian Liqun In this discussion of personnel reform at Peking University, the most frequently repeated key words are reform, world-class universities, top professors and so on. This is also the most popular phrase of the times in the education circles of China and China. It is our most accustomed Chinese saying that this is the trend of the times, and it is the result of the death of the Pro Solution Pro Solution pros and cons. Of course, we can not and can not oppose it. Moreover, as Pro Solution soon as the proposal was put forward and the discussion started, there was a prediction that what kind of glory would be brought by this reform of Peking University to Peking University and even the entire Chinese education. This is also the habitual Pro Solution thinking of our Chinese people Where reform necessarily changes history, changing history must have a positive historical significance. But it is Pro Solution precisely these customary statements, the habitual thinking, and the impulse to create history behind these discus

sions, which can be questioned and pursued - Reform - Why Reform What to Reform Who Who is being reformed or reform How to reform Who benefits from the reform, who Pro Solution are damaged from the reform In the reform hidden behind penis strecther What kind of history is the dialogue red lips vs schwing male enhancement between the Pro Solution present China Pro Solution and the world at the beginning of the 21st century when university reform is proposed What is potential motivation, problem awareness and direction of development Now Pro Solution what is the goal Pro Solution of reform Want Pro Solution to change to where to go If it is reform, it must have positive value In the assumption of its possible positive value, whether or not to think of the possible negative effects, so as top prostate supplements to take the necessary preventive measures Can not follow their own subjective Pro Solution will, reckless, all the way with confidence triumphant produce more ejaculate march best memory enhancer supplements Is reform everything really the last word World-class university - What is world-class university What is the standard What is the concept of world here Why should the world first-class university as the goal Why do we have to set a specific time target After

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all, Who wants a world-class university Reformers try to what kind of means, ways, measures to achieve their goals Pro Solution as scheduled In accordance with this idea of reform can achieve this goal The question behind this is, what is university What is the function of university First-rate professor - what is first-class professor, according to what philosophy, standards and logic to evaluate How to rate first-rate professors, what game rules should be adopted Who should rule these rules Or, how to establish a reasonable mechanism of making, enforcing and supervising each other How to ensure that the assessed persons legal rights With the system, rules, can solve all problems What system should Pro Solution be used to ensure attracting and retaining first-class professors and giving full play to their role what top-notch professors should play while preventing the emergence of academic hegemony How to cultivate Pro Solution a reserve team of first-rate professors, Pro Solution establish a reasonable academic and teaching echelon to ensure that all kinds of talents in the campus can live and work Pro Solution

in peace and Pro Solution content with each other and how to form a healthy competition what kind of competition we need In Pro Solution order to achieve a healthy academic ecological balance I can raise a lot of questions of this kind, and I myself have not completely figured it out and naturally I Pro Solution am unable to fully launch it. I just want to raise questions and top testosterone supplement attract attention and discussion. Here, I would also like to recommend two articles, Professor Chen Pingyuan wrote a hundred years of how to have bigger loads Chinese Pro Solution University And I see Peking University Centennial Revolution. In fact, the issues I have raised here have been encountered casanova male enhancement pill in the cilexin male enhancement history of the Centennials of Chinese Universities and the red male enhancement Centennial Revolution of Peking University. Pro Solution They have had different explorations and experiments and have Pro Solution rich historical experience And lesson. Therefore, it is a good idea to discuss the Pro Solution aforementioned issues in light of our own experience of China in t

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