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R 3 Male Enhancement t visitors include the masonry workers who built the new Montanas district, the penniless painters and the mice that came from the nearby old R 3 Male Enhancement horses. The source of the customer is basically stable. If the animal is consumed, the price will not change. If it is not R 3 Male Enhancement suitable, please go elsewhere. Rosalie is very brainy, she acts in her own way. Her hands were fast, her eyes were six, she listened to all directions, and she always looked at the food on the stove. She also looked R 3 Male Enhancement at the four tables with her motherful eyes. Now she is called a rest. aurant. When someone knocks on the door, she goes to open She immediately shuts down she receives all the poor, and rejects the monks who are cheap because of the low price and the hipsters who dress up as Americans. Among the frequent flyers, she has a special affection for a dog from South Ague, Paris. She knew the dog and met her master. Its owner is a worker who repairs tables and chairs. One day, the dog pulled a R 3 Male Enhancement small broken car and the owner R 3 Male Enhancement pushed at the back and came to her bar. The chairman spent four days repairing all the chairs in the bar. His dog also made good use of this time, and. when he left, his stomach

was round. Since then, as long as it is hungry, it has been sniffing all the way and returning to Paris R 3 Male Enhancement alone. Go back after eating and hungry again. This repeated round trip lasted for twelve years. It is undoubtedly the most R 3 Male Enhancement faithful to Rosalie who lives with Modigliani. There is a special friendship between Rosali and artist Modigliani they love each other and continue to quarrel with each other. She condemned him for drinking too much and he still had to drink. The two of them shouted loudly and it was the greatest pleasure for the bar guests. After a supplements that increase seminal fluid lot of noise. everything was as it was, but R 3 Male Enhancement the plates were all scrapped. When the madness went crazy, the painter took off the painting hanging on the wall and tore it. The next day he repented and R 3 Male Enhancement brought a new one. Maybe he then tore R 3 Male Enhancement it longjack male enhancement up again. Between them, this seems to be just a joke, a game. When Yutrilo comes, the situation will powergold male enhancement pills get worse. It is not uncommon for these two drunks to take a walk with the police. extenze gel capsules At such extreme times, R 3 Male Enhancement the police station, Sergeant Zamaron, must intervene. Sergeant Zamaron is a friend of the artists. the most effective male enhancement products He is responsible for foreign affairs at the Paris Police Department. T.

R 3 Male Enhancement

he walls of his office are full of works of art Susan Varadong, Modigliani, Sudin, Kikoin and R 3 Male Enhancement his favorite Utricho works. Once a painter fell into poverty, Sergeant Zamaron came forward to help him. When he was not at work, people went to Dom or Luo Tongde to find his friends. He often defends R 3 Male Enhancement them and opposes a policeman Dekaf in Paris. De Kaf is also an art R 3 Male Enhancement amateur, but R 3 Male Enhancement he will only create trouble for the painters of Wawan Street. He used his own service to change the artist s work. Sometimes he buys it, but only R 3 Male Enhancement pays the deposit, and the painter needs to go to the police station to have the re. st. Naturally, no one will ask for it. Modigliani left the police station and went to these homes, those homes, Dom, Luo Tongde or Rosari. Sometimes, he walked along the wall of the Montparnasse Cemetery to a small house and went up the stairs. He tapped a few times on a door and a young woman opened the door. This is Eva Guer. Her face was covered with thick powder and she tried to hide her pale R 3 Male Enhancement face. She had tuberculosis. She wants to cover her lover, Picasso, to cover her pain. For a long time, she has been afraid of him abandoning her. But Picasso has always been f

aithful to her. He accompani. ed Eva red hard male enhancement pills for sale to see binaca blast male enhancement a doctor and accompanied her to the hospital. In the first few months of the World War, the two of them spent in southern France. They rarely leave the street where they live. In R 3 Male Enhancement the pub, Picasso often suffers from the insults of the soldiers who are on vacation. R 3 Male Enhancement They don t understand why this strong man is not on the front line. He must be a coward who is afraid of death. The window male enhancement supplement best of the Picasso studio is facing the Montparnasse Cemetery. The large room is filled with drawing boards, paints and R 3 Male Enhancement brushes. In order to avoid the lack of raw materials during the war, the painter s sto. rage is sufficient, and four or five hundred canvases are placed R 3 Male Enhancement along the wall. Picasso worked on a variety of papers used for sticker painting, covering the ground. He kept painting, not R 3 Male Enhancement only because his work was closer to black African art than to three dimensional art, but also that the objects, chairs, and walls were bare he couldn t stand any original space. He was wearing sports shorts, leaning male enhancement surgery san antonio against the window, his face was long and he R 3 Male Enhancement looked the best over the counter male enhancement pills very sad. Not because of the war, apart from listening to news from friends, he never tal

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