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Suisse Male Enhancement Monthly to death for refusing to attack the enemy s fierce artillery, refusing Suisse Male Enhancement Monthly to cross the battlefield covered by the bodies of their comrades, or refusing to lie on the bodies of their comr. ades to avoid German shells. The person who was executed was not identified by the officer, but was drawn by the Suisse Male Enhancement Monthly soldiers themselves, and the person who was drawn was to be a ghost. Apollinaire, the deputy battalion commander, would not be indifferent to all Suisse Male Enhancement Monthly of this, especially for a 20 Suisse Male Enhancement Monthly year old, infantry officer of the 98th regiment, and the second lieutenant named Shapiro. He did not remain silent in October 1914, in Roger In the woods, he was attacked by the Germans. The German surrounded him, four soldiers and two machine guns, and he was injured. The enemy caught them alive and he was locked. in the barbed wire for two days. When the stretcher took him back, he was sent to the colonel. The colonel handed him over to the military committee. Why Because he was once caught by the enemy. Shapiro was lying on a stretcher and heard his final verdict the death penalty. It was Suisse Male Enhancement Monthly not an ordinary death sentence people tied him to a stretcher, t

hen stood up the stretcher vertically and shot twelve rounds Suisse Male Enhancement Monthly of bullets at him. These facts have hit the soldiers too much, people where to buy rhino male enhancement pills are very discouraged, and the morale of the entire bigralis male enhancement supplement army is low. Like everyone else, Apollinaire is fire up male enhancement not indifferent to all of. this, looking at it in one eye and remembering it in his heart. In his letter to Flemanche, Deron wrote Sacrificing the lives of tens of thousands of people in vain, proven male enhancement exercises as if all this is nothing. I have made so many orders, and I have done so many plans to make a basket of water. Some people have unlimited rights Suisse Male Enhancement Monthly to control and use others like never damaged, never tiring tools, and never stop asking them Suisse Male Enhancement Monthly to work hardest. Those who give orders Suisse Male Enhancement Monthly are really frightening. From a letter written to Flemish by Andr Delon on March 1, Suisse Male Enhancement Monthly 1917 Apollinaire took two days off before entering the Battle of Berry Obak When he returned to the army, he was very disappointed the Paris in xplosion male enhancement reviews war was so warm and reluctant The sultry words of Max Jacobs made his heart a little colder he said that it is Suisse Male Enhancement Monthly estimated that the war will last for thirty years. This is definitely too exaggerated, but Guilla

Suisse Male Enhancement Monthly

ume does not think it can end in late 1917 to early 1918. The only good news the best news for a long time is an official letter he received a few days ago. The letterhead was printed with the letter of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Suisse Male Enhancement Monthly the Ministry of Justice, and was awarded the French nationality named Guillaume Kostowski, alia. s Guillaume Apollinaire. what Finally got it Apollinaire cherished the letter in his pocket and put it together with a French messenger. He touched the magazine with Suisse Male Enhancement Monthly his hand, took it out, opened it, and placed it in Suisse Male Enhancement Monthly Suisse Male Enhancement Monthly front of him. This magazine and this letter seem to be his amulet. The bombing around is still going on, but there is no other way than defense. At Suisse Male Enhancement Monthly 4 o clock on the afternoon of March 17, 1916. He read the magazine intently and turned a few pages. Suddenly, the thunderous explosion was heard from him at forty Suisse Male Enhancement Monthly meters away, and the helmet in his right temple was slightly hit by somethi. ng. Apollinaire touched his head with his hand. There was a hole in the helmet. A hot thing ran down the cheek blood. He called people. He was evacuated to the first aid station and the debris in the rig

ht temple entered the bomb. The physician wholesale male enhancement products of the 246 regiment bandaged him. People brought his little suitcase and let him sleep. At two o clock the next morning, he was crammed into an ambulance and taken Suisse Male Enhancement Monthly to the hospital. There, the doctor took a few shrapnel from his right temple. On March 18, in a letter to Madeleine, he said I was not Suisse Male Enhancement Monthly seriously injured, but I felt very tired. On the 22nd, the. doctor took a film for him. He feels painful. But this Suisse Male Enhancement Monthly did not prevent him from recording the injury at the time Suisse Male Enhancement Monthly in his diary, male enhancement that increases size nor did he delay writing letters to Madeleine, Eve Bronck and Max bigralis male enhancement supplement Jacob. top testosterone boosters supplements On the 25th, he must retreat from the hospital to the rear, but he did not Suisse Male Enhancement Monthly how to grow my penis longer retreat, until 28 days still can not get up. On Suisse Male Enhancement Monthly the 29th, he went to the Waldgrass Hospital in Paris. His Suisse Male Enhancement Monthly friends came to visit him, his mind was completely awake. On the surface it seems that his injury has not deteriorated and the Suisse Male Enhancement Monthly wound has healed. However, Apollinaire has been complaining about headaches and dizziness. The. doctors said that he was too tired and needed a good rest. But his left arm is getting heavier and heavier. On April 9th, Sergei Fe

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