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Top Male Enhancement Gel and student-centered. Teacher-based refers to the teachers in the schools administrative Top Male Enhancement Gel team, management team, logistics team, teachers team should be based on the four teams. Student subject means that students should be the main body. In Chinas consistent education system, students are always in the position of an object, especially in the Top Male Enhancement Gel relationship between teaching and learning. Students are always in a passive Status, the earliest challenge to this is Mr. Lu Xun, who shouted Son-based to oppose the practice of Lao Zi in his father-son relationship in the past. Top Male Enhancement Gel From the perspective of constitutional rights, students are the main body of constitutional rights, the main body of the right to receive education, and the state or school is the main body of Top Male Enhancement Gel obligation. In terms Top Male Enhancement Gel of administrative relations, a student is an administrative Top Male Enhancement Gel counterpart, and there are four kinds of relations between students and the school one is obeying relations, showing obligations and rights, the other is that relations are denied, students have their own private fields, Top Male Enhancement Gel and schools are not allowed to intervene. Third, to participate in the relationship, the most typical is teaching and learning, sc

hool management students should also be involved. Fourth, Top Male Enhancement Gel the Top Male Enhancement Gel relationship between the request and satisfaction, in civil legal relations, students pay school, but also the main body of civil law relations, from this point that the students and the principal is equal. Therefore, we should take students as the main body and try our best to meet the needs of lawyers. natural male enhancement exercises Therefore, we should say that the opening of school curricula should not only be the rights of schools, but should also seek the opinions of students. Moreover, the schools party organ should serve the leadership of sizegenix scam departments, Faculty leaders should serve teachers, and the first three must ultimately serve live hard male enhancement pills students. Only Top Male Enhancement Gel when all three cycles are in male enhancement as seen on tv operation can we consolidate the dominant position of students. V. Finally, lets talk about some of the relations between the Top Male Enhancement Gel Top Male Enhancement Gel university and the modern system. First, between universities and Top Male Enhancement Gel the government, after the subordination of higher education institutions was adjusted in 1998, Top Male Enhancement Gel seventy-one Top Male Enhancement Gel colleges and universities directly under the Ministry of Education were left with the sole responsibility man sexual enhancement for running schools independently and independently and the ultimate goal

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of university development. Second, between universities and society. Universities should be open to the public, university members should serve the society and the Top Male Enhancement Gel universitys training objectives should be combined with the needs of the community. At the same time, universities must also obtain their own resources from the community. Third, the universitys internal relations, just mentioned the teacher-based and student body. So, a good university should be able to do its best to be a pride when new students Top Male Enhancement Gel come in, receive education and graduate from school. Teachers should have a full sense of Top Male Enhancement Gel dignity, to academic research-based system. The space Top Male Enhancement Gel for teachers and students is limited, but there is room for teachers and students to develop their own personal space. It is my expectation of all universities and my university philosophy to limit this limit to infinity. I hope, my idea can become everyones idea. Li Chengzhi The concept Top Male Enhancement Gel of a university is about the basic nature of the university, the ideal model, the goal of pursuit, and social responsibility. Since a Top Male Enhancement Gel university is a product of social development, it can not exist independently from society. Therefore, the concept of

a university is marked by a deep era. However, no matter whether Top Male Enhancement Gel it is an ancient university or a modern university, its fundamental goal is to cultivate people. Therefore, there are always some basic concepts of running a university. From Western Medieval Universities to modern universities, the concept of a university has undergone three stages of change from the Middle Ages to the early stage of the Industrial Revolution, the first stage was that the most important proposition of the concept of a university was that the university should be an educational institution Top Male Enhancement Gel and an educated institution Its mission is to train gentlemen of educated, interesting and knowledgeable basic values and scale of the country or its own herbal sex supplement nation for the community. The industrial revolution Top Male Enhancement Gel Top Male Enhancement Gel was the second phase by the end of the 19th century. University philosophy emphasizes that a university is specle offer on male enhancement not merely an magnum 5000 male enhancement educational institution It should also be a Top Male Enhancement Gel research center that undertakes the task of knowledge innovation. The twentieth century is the third stage. The concept of power zen male enhancement a university leaves for male enhancement size proposes that universities should Top Male Enhancement Gel at the same time become a social

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