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V Maxx Male Enhancement nowledge of social sciences . He asked Our education authorities is not know how bad education is to sinister young students as plastic Finally, the article hopes that students should conduct a thorough discussion and strive for a V Maxx Male Enhancement reasonable education system. Ibid., Pp. 216-219 On June 10, the Autonomous Society of Tsinghua University held an academic report on education issues. Feng Youlan, who returned from V Maxx Male Enhancement the V Maxx Male Enhancement United States, delivered a speech entitled On University Education. He was V Maxx Male Enhancement born in Tanghe, Henan Province in 1895, graduated V Maxx Male Enhancement from Peking University in 1918, went to the United States to study in the following year, and received a doctorate degree from Columbia University in 1923. Since 1928, he has been Professor of Philosophy Department of Tsinghua University and concurrently served as Department Head, Dean and Secretary General. He did not leave Shuimu Tsinghua University in 1952 and has made special contributions V Maxx Male Enhancement and feelings there. I noticed that this speech did not seem to have been included in Fengs Complete Works of San Song Tang, and Qin Zhongde did not mention this fact in V Maxx Male Enhancement the compilation of Chronicle of

Feng Youlans Chronicle, so it is V Maxx Male Enhancement necessary to give a detailed introduction. Mr Fung talked about two issues in his speech First, the nature of the university, and second, the purpose of education. With regard bathmate size guide to the former, he said tst 11 male enhancement pills that the university is not a vocational school, an advocacy organ, nor a department of ronjeremys top five male enhancement higher education department of the Ministry of Education, but an educational department for imparting knowledge, a V Maxx Male Enhancement research institute for the pursuit of truth, an independent, free from any Interference group of experts. These words V Maxx Male Enhancement seem simple, sex delay tablets but it contains the academic, educational depth and freedom to be independent. As for the V Maxx Male Enhancement latter, he considered that the purpose of university education was to train people instead of training people into tools or machines. There is a clear difference between university and vocational school in this respect. Mr Fung said vocational dr henry chang male enhancement schools are useful, and the students they train may have some skill or some special function. But if V Maxx Male Enhancement this is enough, then our V Maxx Male Enhancement students will V Maxx Male Enhancement be able to fill the water like teacups, Bench can sit like, can only be a device, not a real person.

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In this speech, he also made an easy-to-understand solution to what V Maxx Male Enhancement man is and how V Maxx Male Enhancement to become a true man. The V Maxx Male Enhancement so-called people means having his own knowledge and views of V Maxx Male Enhancement the world community, On the basis of this, he further pointed out that in addition to giving professional knowledge to university education, university education can not only be used as a form of education, Should also allow students to develop a clear mind, a warm heart. Only in this way V Maxx Male Enhancement can he understand the society, judge his or her own interests, appreciate some valuable things, and he will not accept ready-made conclusions V Maxx Male Enhancement and will not find out what others say. Mr. Fung also said that the reason for V Maxx Male Enhancement the purpose of university education should be based on the principle of gentleman does not implement is mainly based on the following two reasons First, human beings are not only facing the problem of usefulness such as eating and dressing, that is, There are many other needs besides eating and dressing. Second, the role of many knowledge and learning in life can not be seen in a short period of time, and some can never even be seen. Emphasis on useful is

actually a manifestation of ignorance. Besides, many useful learnings have been endurolast male enhancement done in vocational schools and factories, which requires our universities to study what seems to be useless knowledge and to teach those who seem to have no way out. vitamins for sperm volume In talking about the bella male enhancement pills above problems, the philosopher still V Maxx Male Enhancement said without humor To be fierce male enhancement pills fair, people trained in the school must be V Maxx Male Enhancement doing things. However, what can be learned from philosophy There are various vocational schools in the world, there is no philosophical vocational school Ibid., Pp. 220-223. It is worth mentioning that just a month ago on V Maxx Male Enhancement the V Maxx Male Enhancement celebration of the 37th anniversary of Tsinghua University, Feng Youlan In Review and Prospect of Tsinghua University, he said The establishment of over the counter male enhancement pills in south africa Tsinghua University is a reflection of the Chineses demand for academic independence. Before the start of Japans comprehensive war, the V Maxx Male Enhancement progress of Tsinghua University really came to a cease-fire, especially for the integration of the old V Maxx Male Enhancement and the new V Maxx Male Enhancement Success. This has become Tsinghuas academic tradition. He added We will continue this tradition and move forward regardless of political and o

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