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V9 Male Enhancement ee to do whatever he wants. One day, he bet with his bet If he steals a treasure from the Louvre Museum, he wins a bottle of champagne. His method is to hide V9 Male Enhancement the treasures in the coat and shake hands with the guard V9 Male Enhancement at the exit, and it will pass smoothly. So, Gerlie Pielit often went to the museum. But in any case, the scheming Gen re Pielit gave the V9 Male Enhancement two portraits of V9 Male Enhancement Picasso a true fact. After the loss of the Mona Lisa, he sold an avatar to the Paris newspaper for 150 francs this is proposed with a c. ontribution of 50. The cost of recycling the Mona Lisa for 000 francs is naturally not comparable. The newspaper showed it in a big way before returning the avatar to the museum, giving the newspaper a free and effective advertising campaign. It seems obvious that the former secretary of the poet Apollinaire admitted that he had stolen the Mona Lisa. V9 Male Enhancement Paris published a hurried commentary, slamming the huge loopholes in the museum s entrance and exit management. On August 24th, Apollinaire also published an article. At the beginning of the article, The beauty of Mona Lisa makes the pursuit of a mo. re perfect expression has become a topic of endles

sness in the art world. At the end of the article, he criticized the defense work of the Louvre V9 Male Enhancement V9 Male Enhancement Luofu The guard work medicines for penis enlargement of the palace is even worse than a museum in Spain. His comments once again prove how naive it is for Apollinaire, because the judiciary is entirely likely to believe that he also participated in the theft, but now he is himself Jumped out. To a certain extent, he v9 male sexual stimulant best enhancement pills reviews is a middleman who is known by the Belgian adventurer Gerlie Pieelt and his painter friend V9 Male Enhancement Picasso. In 1907, Apollinaire did try to convince Picasso to return the statue Picasso refused. His reason is that in fast male enhancement order to seek V9 Male Enhancement the mystery of ancient art and barbaric art, he has caused some damage to both heads. These two ancient Iberian avatars are undoubtedly one of the foundations of Picasso s primitivism research, and in the process of creating The Girl exstenze of Avignon V9 Male Enhancement , he did partly adopt the creative methods V9 Male Enhancement V9 Male Enhancement of these two avatars right The round mouth of a woman, the big ears of three women, the asymmetry of the whole picture Picasso does walgree sell genuune version of extenze male enhancement pills and Fernand hurriedly rushed back to Paris from Celite, because since the Paris had surrendered the third avatar of G ri Pelet. the Louvre p

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olice would definitely be in Paris. V9 Male Enhancement With the assistance of the police, they began investigating the whereabouts of the other two avatars. V9 Male Enhancement And these two avatars are in his hands. Apollinaire is also V9 Male Enhancement V9 Male Enhancement very aware that he is in danger, so he personally picks up his friend V9 Male Enhancement at the train station. The three went to the home of Picasso on the street of Krissey. The first question before them is How to get rid of the stolen items The poet Apollinaire was in a desperate situation. He blamed his carelessness and cursed his friends unruly behavior. He made a good preparation for his reputation and. his future. Picasso s state of mind is no better than his companions. Fernand Olivier was calmer than the dejected, and at this moment she was more ruthless than the two men, and they felt like they were frightened children, confession and embarrassment. At such a critically dangerous situation, the two artists almost forgot another extremely important disadvantage they are foreigners. Thinking of this, they suddenly worried about being deported. In the evening, they did not leave Krissey Street in one step, and V9 Male Enhancement they must find a solution to the problem. They env

isioned a male enhancement mailing list thousand and ten thousan. d methods, and none of them worked. In the end, black of 10 pills natural male enhancement Fernand thought of V9 Male Enhancement a least dangerous way V9 Male Enhancement throwing the avatar into the Seine. Just do it. Mrs. Picasso found a large suitcase, placed two statues inside, and then pushed the skip bayless on male enhancement two V9 Male Enhancement artists carrying the suitcase sperm flavor pills out of the door. Blaise Sandras, who V9 Male Enhancement was extremely best cheap penis pump imaginative, later described it vividly V9 Male Enhancement They clung to the wall, their eyes peeping at the movements around them, being V9 Male Enhancement bent over by the heavy boxes and rushing forward. I don t know where to make an ordinary noise, scared the two artists to jump and sneak into a bridge hole. After listening to it. for a while, there was no

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