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Xplode Male Enhancement fell his eyes on Fusu. Li Si saw the original Emperor s mind and immediately said Chen Chen thought that the son is the most appropriate to go, a son is famous, the world knows the truth the second son s identity is to represent the majesty, to appease the people, to promote the underarms Meng Yi said Xplode Male Enhancement The son is the most ideal candidate. Fusu generously asked Children are willing to share their concerns for the father, go to the same place, and deal with the problem of Confucius Dacheng Hall. The first emperor waited for him. This sentence immediately said The predecessor of the Qin Dynasty helped the Sui Dynasty Xplode Male Enhancement to inspect Zhao, Lu, and Qi. The news of the Fusui Emperor s patrol was reported. The court immediately talked about it. The content Xplode Male Enhancement of the argument was Xplode Male Enhancement almost always that the Emperor intended to practice the eldest son. There is a meaning for him to be a prince. Even the other sons of the first emperor think so, and there is a kind Xplode Male Enhancement of loss in the heart. Some sons have their eyes and skins, and they simply come to the door to the future crown prince. However, Fusu s heart was very Xplode Male Enhancement calm. He did not have a strong desire for Xplode Male Enhancement power like his fa

ther. He never seriously thought about whether he could become a Prince. Since the father had ordered him to go on a tour, he was certainly happy. It is b4 male enhancement pills your responsibility to share your worries for the father and contributeto the country. Xplode Male Enhancement Compared with the huge patrol team of the first emperor, Fusu light car Jane, not to mention the lavishness of the arrogance, is a bit shabby, the same room brothers can not stand down to say that it is detrimental to the royal dignity, but Xplode Male Enhancement Xplode Male Enhancement also not vitamins for bigger ejaculation conducive to protecting themselves and work, so that he said that he is more Brought a few guards. Fusu has its own set of inspection methods. He felt that the patron s high level patrol of a conqueror made the local officials daunting. He could not hear maxim male enhancement the true voice of the lower class. Many things have been distorted and lost their original features. He wants to do what his father Xplode Male Enhancement did, really close to the Xplode Male Enhancement local Xplode Male Enhancement bureaucrats and the lower classes, to see if the cornerstone of zyflex male enhancement amazon Daqin is really so strong. According to the plan, he took Weidi, passed Zhao Qi, and finally arrived at Ludi Qufu. miracle breast For the local Xplode Male Enhancement bureaucrats along the way, Xplode Male Enhancement the appearance of the son of Fusu does

Xplode Male Enhancement

not seem Xplode Male Enhancement to have much movement. It is neither like a patrol or a public patrol. The local government is explicitly exempted Xplode Male Enhancement from Xplode Male Enhancement the red tape. The country is accompanied by the son and the couple. The name is from the city tea house. You never Xplode Male Enhancement know the full extent Xplode Male Enhancement of things until you see them. After the discussion with the local villagers and the old townsmen, the son of Fusu learned that the Burning Book Order did not have much influence on the vast majority of the people. In Weidi, a county can not find several ancient books. The daggers do not care about burning or burning ancient books. Most of them are illiterate. They are busy with their livelihood every day. No one cares about the problem of burning books. Although Qilu said that the style of writing is prevalent, some daggers recognize a few words, but most of them do not read the hard to understand ancient books. Although merchants Xplode Male Enhancement have more literacy, they are busy making money. They don t care about the Burning Book Order. The only remaining scholars and other scholars rely on ancient books for their livelihood. This class of people only accounts for a very small part of the entire popul

ation. However, the problems caused by the Burning Book Order are terrible many local officials took the opportunity to blackmail and extort the name by name, and the enemy used this to sue The anti Qin elements took the opportunity to provoke people s anti Qin sentiment. Confucian scholars who did not have anti Qin dynasty Xplode Male Enhancement also said that these ancient books were the truths passed down from the mouth of the saints. Xplode Male Enhancement The burning of these books is a rebellion against the gods Xplode Male Enhancement and gods. They consciously and unconsciously actedas anti Qin propagandists. Fusu loves to read books since childhood. Most of the classic ancient super hero pills natural male enhancement testosterone booster 10 pack books have been read, and some are even familiar with me. However, he has never felt any harm to Daqin from these ancient books. The Burning Book Order did not bring stability to Daqin. On the contrary, the mad decree made Confucian scholars and scholars male enhancement strip regard his father as a sinner of top ranked testosterone booster dick grow pills the ages. What a terrible reality, Fusu can even Xplode Male Enhancement feel the cornerstone of the empire. most effective hgh supplement He Xplode Male Enhancement has to do his part to save the building Xplode Male Enhancement that will fall. On the way, several county and county officials

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